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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by pcout64, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Ok, I have a server running on Bukkit and I added the Simple Warps plugin. Only the ops can use /warp and anything like that. I want it so that people who arent ops can use /warp. PLEASE HELP!
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    If you have permissions, here are the nodes:
    Permission nodes:
    simplewarps.list - The ability to list all warps.
    simplewarps.warpothers - Ability to warp other people to warps.
    simplewarps.changeuseop - Ability to change if plugin uses OP or permissions.
    simplewarps.reload - Ability to reload the config.
    simplewarps.addwarp - Ability to add/set a warp.
    simplewarps.setsign - Ability to create a warp sign.
    simplewarps.usesign - Ability to use a warp sign.
    simplewarps.warps.<warp_name> - Ability to go to certain warps, Replace warp_name with * to allow warping to all warps.
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    now how do i use this... (im a n00b with Bukkit)
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    hey DT_Rush where you can put the permission nodes
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