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  1. Hello, I want to make voting on my server a lot more fun. I thought of an idea. So basically my idea is an item, [lets just say netherstars] become into keys. These "keys" have access to a chest (which could be set by using a command). Here the chest would give the person a random reward at different rates. Here is what I am thinking.

    vote chest
    item needed: Netherstar, 1
    -50% 1,000$
    -25% 10 diamonds
    -15% 5,000$
    -9% 1,000 EXP
    -1% 5 Netherstars

    For 1,000$ a command will run such as 'console: eco give <player> 1000'
    Or for 10 diamonds a command such as 'console: give <player> diamond 10'

    Other information
    *Compatible with Vault
    *People Cant Interact With Chest. Only to use keys.

    Thanks for your time and help.
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    Use lootboxes, mystery crates, or crater reloaded.
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