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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Xp10d3, Dec 28, 2020.

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    Version: 1.8
    What I need:

    I need a simple leveling system gives you experience every time you kill a player. It's pretty simple if you understand config files. I set up an algorithm that gives you the amount of experience you should gain after killing a player.

    Algorithm should be this:

    exp = 15 * level_killed/current_level * 5

    level_killed is the level of the player you killed, and current_level is your current level. So for example, lets say you killed a level 50, and your current level is 5. The equation would be this:

    exp = 15 * 50/5 * 5

    You would then gain 30 experience. Levels should also be exponentially harder to gain. Here is what the levels should be (please make them infinite):

    level = current_level * next_level

    Pretty self explanatory. So lets say you are level 1 and the plugin is configured to have a base experience of 1,000. In order to get to level 2, it will take 2,000 experience. And now level 3 -> level 4, 8,000 experience.

    Config should also look like this:
    base_exp: 1000
    base_exp is the experience required from level 1 -> level 2.

    base_exp = 1000

    Now, level 1 -> level 2 is 1,000, and level 2 -> level 3 is 2,000, level 3 -> level 4 8,000, etc.

    base_exp = 5000

    Now, level 1 -> level 2 is 5,000, and level 2 -> level 3 is 10,000, level 3 -> level 4 40,000, etc.

    /curlvl: Shows your current level.
    /lvltop: Shows all the players with the highest level.

    level.curlvl: Allows use of /curlvl.
    level.lvltop: Allows use of /lvltop.
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    I'm not quite understanding the leveling system; the math doesn't seem to add up for me, but it looks like they're just powers of 2 multiplied by the base. What do you mean by current_level * next_level and how does it get you the numbers shown in the examples?
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    johnny boy

    This leveling equation is growing the exp count exponentially large.. Do you want us to use a different one instead?

    Regardless, I have made the plugin and the download is here:

    If you take a look at the config there are certain placeholders such as %player% and %exp% so feel free to use them (however they are dependent on the config path it's set to by default). Any issues let me know.
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    Apologies for not replying sooner. I've been having issues connecting to the Bukkit website, but I finally am able to get on.

    @Dai_Kunai yeah sorry; the math is a bit funky, I'll admit. If it doesn't work I plan to edit the source code and change the plugin slightly being a developer myself (I only don't have much time on my hands and am only a novice, hence why I reached out to the forums). But to answer your question, the current_level * next_level is the math that calculates how much experience is required to obtain the next level, allowing infinite levels and not just hard coded amounts. current_level is the amount of experience required to obtain the next level, and next_level is the next level the player can obtain. For example, lets say the player is at level 1 and assume base_experience is 5k (so from level 1 -> level 2 would require 5k experience for the player to level up). Level 2 would be next_level, and 5k would be current_level. Now lets say base_experience is still 5k, but the player is now at level 2. So multiplying 5k by 3 (since from level 1-> level 2 is 5k and the player is trying to obtain level 3), the experience required from level 2 -> 3 will be 15,000. I probably didn't explain this well in the original post, so apologies for that. If you are still confused let me know even though someone already made the plugin lol.

    @johnny boy thanks for making the plugin and thanks for the placeholders (that will be very useful)! Yes I understand how exponential the experience count is; that is my intention. Is it alright if I edit the source code in case I want to change the equation? To my understanding after making this plugin I should have the automatic permission to edit/change the plugin however I want.

    FYI I will likely be offline for a while, but I'll do my best to check Bukkit frequently.

    EDIT: Marking as filled for now, however if anyone else wants to do another copy of this plugin feel free (ex. adding level up messages, database integration, etc.).
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    johnny boy

    Yeah I've added a license you can do what you want with the code basically.
    @Xp10d3 if you want more features then you can just list them here and in my spare time I can attempt them.
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