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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Ultracrepadarian, Apr 25, 2019.

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  1. Plugin category: Teleportation

    Minecraft version: 1.12

    Suggested name: Doesnt Matter to me:)

    What I want: What I'd absolutely love for my server is a (what I deem to be) fairly simple teleportation plugin.

    This plugin would essentially detect if the player has built up to the build limit, and if they have, it teleports them to the lowest point in a void-like world (specified in config, preferably), and places a block under their feet.

    It would also teleport them to the same coordinates that they're in in the normal world.

    Another awesome feature that I'd appreciate is if it worked both ways, and they could build down as well and be teleported on top of their previous bridge

    Essentially giving the effect that they are able to keep building into a heaven-like world (that ive already generated).

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: None needed

    When I'd like it by: Within the week, if possible. But no rush:)
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  3. @KarimAKL
    Just ran into an error.

    When I teleport to the normal world (no matter where I am), it immediately teleports me to the TOP of the skyworld (I would prefer it be the bottom, if possible.)

    This might be coming from the fact that it's throwing an exception when trying to pass the PLayerMoveEvent (according to the stacktrace, its something about lines 60 and 31 thats causing the issue. the exact error is here:

    However, it did load up and disable perfectly. Thank you so much, and I'd love for this to be fixed, but no rush! It's completely chill:)
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    @Ultracrepadarian Are you sure the world names in the config.yml file are correct? (Pretty sure it's case sensitive)
  5. I'm sure. I just now tested again and tried switching the two world names in the config. ALthough now theres a different problem. Now when I have the worlds in the right place, it teleports me whenever I move. from the top of the normal world to the bottom of some world (I assume it to be the normal once since theres a bedrock layer). Then when I switch them to be opposite, I get the error and problems I stated above.

    EDIT: do you have a discord you could message on? I think that would make it easier

    EDIT 2: I was looking at your code, and I think the problem might be that you have the "e.setTo(loc)" (which I assume is the teleportation part) directly inside the event. I dont have my compiler installed the right way now, so I cant easily fix this atm. Not sure if thats the issue though:p
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    @Ultracrepadarian I'm not currently at my computer, so i can't try to fix it, i'll be home later today. (unless you answer i'll have to edit this post (to avoid spam))
  7. Awesome. Thank you.
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    @Ultracrepadarian Should be fixed now:
    Btw the config.yml works as follows:
    # The first world name is the world you come from, the second one is the one you go to.
    # Up example: "world: skyworld" would teleport you to "skyworld" (Y:1) when you go above Y:256 (build limit) in "world"
      world: skyworld
    # Down example: "skyworld: world" would teleport you to "world" (Y:256) when you go below Y:0 (into void) in "skyworld"
      skyworld: world
  9. The up works perfectly now! Thank you so much! Although unfortunately, when you go to the skyworld and fall into the void, it doesnt teleport you to the other world. I'm not quite sure what might be causing this.

    Thank you so much for everything you've done so far, and if you're not up for fixing this bit of it, we can always make do without, but if you could, Id be much obliged! Thank you!
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    @Ultracrepadarian Any errors in the console? Did you accidentally hit a wrong key while typing the world name?
  11. No errors in the console. Checked and double checked the config, and even tried changing the name to another world to see if that would work. Nothing, unfortunately.
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    @Ultracrepadarian Could you send a copy of your config.yml? (Using [ Code]config.yml[/ Code])
  13. @KarimAKL
      world: paradise
      skyworld: world
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    @Ultracrepadarian You did it wrong, you have to do this:
      world: paradise
      paradise: world
    That way you can go from world up to paradise and from paradise down to world.
  15. @KarimAKL

    Oh wow, can't believe I didnt realize thats what you were talking about in the first place. Thank you so much, it worked perfectly!

    EDIT: Actually, I was just messing around and noticed that you added the feature of copying the block thats below them and making that the block that gets placed. Although this is a great feature, I just was messing around and noticed a way to abuse this and duplicate blocks. Is there any way you could remove that feature? Thank you so much!
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  17. @KarimAKL
    Oh it would be absolutely amazing if you could make it configurable! :)
    Thank you so much for everything!
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    @Ultracrepadarian Done.
    Steps to configure:
    1: Stop server. (If not already stopped)
    2: Delete config.yml. (You can save the up and down in a temporary file if you've configured a lot)
    3: Start server and let the plugin create a new config.yml.
    4: Open and edit config.yml:
    4.1: You can now replace the new up and down with the one you saved earlier (if you saved anything)
    4.2: You'll now see a new option in the config named "Default-Block", you can set this to any block you'd like.
    4.3: If the specified block name doesn't exist it'll place cobblestone in the game instead of coming with errors.
    5: Restart server.
    Here is a list of all the material names:
    Note: The material names listed are for 1.14 and the plugin is for 1.12, so some of them might not be working, if you have any problems, you can contact me about it.
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    They really should add a way to see javadocs for the older versions of spigot and/or bukkit, instead of just the latest.
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