Simple Replace Snow Weather event.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ledhead900, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Hey Everyone

    What's needed.?
    A simple drag and drop plugin that replaces all snow weather events with the standard Rain/Storm Chance. (basically to remove snow fall). Removing snow and ice forming will suffice.

    Urgently needed as I use a custom world that mucks up biome placement for weathers.

    Thank you to who ever accepts this.
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    Snow happens according to biomes. They're both the same event, so this can't really be done easily.
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    True I forgot about that can you stop snow and ice forming tho ? as that will suffice. See my world is based on a planet being terraformed so it could make sense if it snowed in desert areas as long as the snow and ice never form.
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    Oh I can do that with that other plugin request you did.
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    I think WorldGuard can stop snow-falling.
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    That won't suffice I won't run a huge plugin just for that as I already prefer Factions over region cuboids.

    I have zero need for anything in worldguard anymore thanks to factions.

    Hows the progress going I have my map almost complete and I will need to turn weather events off until I get a prototype alpha or something of even just the stop snow version.

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