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    Hey guys, sorry not really following the format here but this plugin idea just seemed to simple to pointlessly explain thoroughly. I apologise in advance to any OCD forum campers :)


    I'd like someone to make me a simple plugin to allow players to use a command to unenchant an item in hand. Pretty simple idea but can't seem to find a lightweight plugin which does this as simply as i'd like.


    /unenchant (removes enchantment from item in hand)
    /ue (both do the same thing but this one's just shorter)


    unenchant.use - Allows use of the /unenchant and /ue commands


    Thanks for reading, I'd preferably like this plugin made within the next couple of days if possible.

    Kind regards.
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    If you want to make it so you can do /de as well, you can go into the jar file by opening it in winrar or 7zip, look for the file named plugin.yml, and then under the line that says "disenchant:", add a line that says this (copy and paste exactly what is in the parenthesis, spaces as well) " aliases: [de]"
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    Oh wow, been looking for this for a couple of weeks now! Thanks for finding this!
    Thanks for the Alias help too!

    No more replies please. FILLED.

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