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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ArtemisTheSecond, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. anyone want simple plugins for 3$?pm me the details and i'll get right through it...xD
    need the money really pm me or contact me on skype: Butler8302
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    you really shouldnt be selling yourself this is an open community and so everything should be free.
  3. i know that...i just needed 3$ in my paypal...i want to buy the ps/2 to usb adapter from ebay...xD
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    So transfer it from your back account?
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    this isnt really creating a plugin but i wish for it to be fixed soo nas possible, you say "simple" i dont know if fixing this would fall under that... so i would be willing to pay more than $3 perhaps $10-15

    ps. no i cant use the other version by the newer maintainer, he has rewritten it and isnt (will never be) providing computability with annotate which is one of the main reasons why i use it aswell as sticking to the old permissions 3 plugin until it actually ceases to work
  6. i'll get right at it
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    I see no problem with offering services for a small fee. It's not like @ArtemisTheSecond is the only plugin developer in the world and no one has a choice but to ask him for plugins.
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    yup im fine with it, if people arent interested then its their choice. its not like hes forcing, hes just trying to gain a little proffit via helping

    surprsingly there are people who are willing to pay for coders

    eg: i am requesting, but for a larger amount

    edit: i also added you on skype artemis, if you need any further info or whatever, im there under the name ryan. i will be paying in donations i get from the server (which is what the donations was designed for i do believe, well that and paying the host costs)

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