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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by captain_ahab, May 4, 2011.

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    ive never attempted anything like this so i thought maybe someone could help me. i actually have 2 requests the first one is very simple. I need a plug in that allows me to turn a gold ingot into 9 gold coins and then be able to turn those gold coins back into a gold ingot. and my second request is if someone could create a plug in that removed the names over players heads, and when they type, their chat message shows over their head instead of on the chat menu. i think this would be very useful for roleplaying because it would allow only people with in a short distance to be able to see what a person is saying. anyway if either of these are possible and if anyone is feeling generous enough to put the time into these plug ins, i would greatly appreciate it, thank you.
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    1. You cannot remove any name from the players overhead.
    2. Why would you want "when they chat it shows over there head" THis is not runescape, or anything.
    3. They would have to add a new item for it to change to "coins".

    Either , not possible.
    EDIT: If you want something to separate so you cant see someones chat messages then use a plugin that will have different chat channels.
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    Ok, wasnt sure about removing the names. but i run a role play server and i just hate that when someone is miles away and we can hear everything they say, and i just figured changing chat channels every time you walked into an area with people close by would get pretty frustrating. but thanks for your time.
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    Then, you don' t want a plugin which hides names overhead, you want a plugin which will be able to set chat channels wherever you want. For instance, a different chat channel in a city, another one in a forest, and a different for a river. I think that is possible.
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