Simple: Make Flowing Water Freeze Into Ice

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by cadika_orade, Nov 12, 2012.

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    I would like a plugin that does nothing more complicated than make flowing water eventually freeze into a block of ice like stationary water does.

    Ideally, the block of ice should have some extra data attached to it such that when it thaws the plugin turns it into a flowing water block instead of a source block.

    As for configuration options, an option for how quickly the flowing water freezes (if possible) would be nice. I may want the flowing water to freeze faster, allowing for large build-ups of ice around waterfalls and such.

    Also, the behavior of flowing water freezing (if possible) should be different, checking for water blocks below and obstacles blocking the sky above, but not water blocks above. I.e. a waterfall should freeze from the bottom up. In case that makes no sense, here's some pseudo-code:

    if (block_below != flowing_water && canSeeSky == TRUE)
    if (block_below == stationary_water)
    {block_below = ice;}
    self = ice;

    While I wish I could ask for the plugin to be kept exclusive to my server, I could not expect a programmer to do this work for me for free and submit the rights over it to me.

    I am looking for an in-house Bukkit coder to make simple little plugins like this for my server. If you would be interested, please send me a PM. You would be free to make any plugins you want, you would have no deadlines, and you would be granted pretty much free-run of the server, so long as you don't cause problems for everyone else. For more details, take a look at the official job opening on my website:
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    I would expect this to be a little clunky of a plugin given that it would have to store the state of every frozen moving water block.

    As for configuring delay times that is possible as well as the freezing behaviour is possible.

    Also I wouldn't classify this as a really easy one, I have never worked with different states of water or scheduling in bukkit so I will pass. I just wanted to share what this would look like and a helpful bump :p
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    Well, I've seen plugins keep track of wool blocks by putting a sort of serial number as an "enchantment" on the block. Not so important, I suppose, if it could just remember the coordinates of every block that wasn't a source but is now ice. Then, on the "ice melting" event, it could do a quick check and see if that ice block is on the list. If it is, it replaces the ice block with a flowing water blocking instead of a source block.

    That might sound like it would lag a lot, but ice melting is a fairly rare occurrence and searching through a list of several hundred blocks, if done with regards to coordinates, can be extremely efficient. I'm useless with Bukkit, but I do know programming.

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