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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Ethan Hall, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Ethan Hall

    Im looking for a plugin that works with the latest build of Bukkit. All i need it to do is /kick,/ban and /pardon. Are there any simple plugins out there that do this?
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    It is very important commands for the server and MCBan not working

    Sorry for eng
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    To kick / ban people. you type

    /#kick <name>
    /#ban <name>
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    don't work
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    same wont work
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    You must be in the ops.txt file to use those commands.
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    Ethan Hall

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    wow i dont get why people cant figure out tht all u have to do is put a # sign in front of the commands
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    Perhaps because it's not totally obvious that op.txt is used to issue server commands via the client? :/
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    ya well there not gonna allow random dudes on the server kick and ban people now are they ya dumb ya have to be an op or admin or whatever u wanna call it! so maybe b4 you go crying on the plugin request u think for half a second
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    I support the idea of a simple /kick /ban /pardon plugin. However, i would love to see that implemented with Nijikokun 's permissions plugin.
    This would allow me (and other server owners) to give /kick and /ban permissions to someone without adding them to the ops.txt list.
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    Linux server not working. Please crate the ban system plugin.
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    I run the server on linux, and even with some plugins running I've never had problems using /kick, /ban, etc.
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    I'll give it a try to code a /kick and /ban plugin with Permission support. Don't expect to much =)!

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