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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Suggested name: SimpleHome

    What I want: I want a /home and /sethome command. That is all. No multiple homes. No inviting others to your home. Just the ability to /sethome your location and then /home back to it.

    Maybe a cooldown time for /home and /sethome so it isn't spammed. If not, hey, I don't care.

    Every /home plugin is too complicated and the "simple" ones are way outdated. The 3 big permission plugins are all having issues. The ability to block users of MyHome plugin from inviting others to their home and teleporting to another players home is undone by this.

    Ideas for commands: /sethome, /home, /delhome

    Ideas for permissions: home.set, home.del, home.home

    When I'd like it by: Within the week.
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    I'll give it a go for you.
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    Wait 08robertsj
    I'm pretty sure, there's a plugin that does so.
    Otherwise, Try essentials.
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    essentials defiantly has it because i use it so i know
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    Mmmmm. Essentials may be a little heavy weight for this. There's no denying it has countless extra commands that are fantastic, but I'll trawl BukkitDev for one that's more lightweight and if there isn't one, I'll give it a go making this one.
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    Bear in mind, that for simplicity reasons, OP may just want a single-purpose, simple plugin (unlike Essentials which is a bit bloated) to accomplish the requirements as outlined in the original post. In this case, I know of no other plugins that meet this requirement.
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    I agree. I've looked and found no other plugins this lightweight. Feel free to correct me if you find any.
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    Essentials Has it. I'm not sure you need the /delhome You could just reset the home in a different Place.
    I Reccomend Essentials.
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    Sorry, this has already been discussed above.

    All finished. And here it is:
    Download here

    It has all the functionality mentioned in the OP. Thanks to lol768.

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    Thanks 08robertsj, but something is definitely wrong. I don't know much about plugins. But the console says it can't load data. When I look in the plugins folder the simplehome folder that was created is empty. They /sethome and /home commands just produce the text "/sethome" and "/home" on the chat screen. No other plugins enabled, newest version of bukkit.
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    I'd recommend posting the full error -- This way, he can see what's wrong.
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    Sure thing. Started up new world, no other plugins, bukkit 1.3.1 R2.0:

    00:23:14 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25565
    00:23:14 [INFO] This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-1.3.1-R2.0
    -b2340jnks (MC: 1.3.1) (Implementing API version 1.3.1-R2.0)
    00:23:14 [INFO] [SimpleHome] Loading SimpleHome v1.0
    (preparing spawn area)
    00:24:04 [INFO] [SimpleHome] Enabling SimpleHome v1.0
    00:24:04 [INFO] [SimpleHome] Enabling SimpleHome
    00:24:04 [INFO] First time run? No Data available

    okay so I say the 3 commands. After typing the command and pressing enter the text I typed in pop up in chat window "/sethome" "/home" and "/delhome".
    Nothing happens teleportation wise. Same thing when I restart the server. No more first time run message though.
    config.yml and data.bin have generated, but yml is empty.
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    Mmmm, seems to work on my server. I don't believe any config.yml should be produced for it as it doesn't require any configuration. I'll update my server (although I believe it's updated) and I'll have a closer look.

    Also, I've had the same problem with commands appearing in the chat window after they are executed, yet they still happen to function. I just put this down as a feature in CraftBukkit but now I'm unsure. I'll have a check through.
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    This sounds like a permissions problem. The code is a bit unfriendly, and just returns false if you use it from the console or don't have permission.

    08robertsj, can you post the code here?

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    I can't at the moment as I am away from my office for a day. Sorry about the delay but I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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    That's ok, I'll rip it off BukkitDev.

    Edit: Code is here

    yes, as I said earlier, you will only see the actual command you typed if you don't have permission. In this case false is returned. In all other cases, true is returned.

    Only false causes the command name to show up in the chat window.
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    I'm afraid lol768 is right. There's nothing I can do unless you want me to remove permissions. Sorry.
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    OP doesn't want 90% of the functionality included in HomeSpawnPlus.
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    I happened across this thread when searching for my own HomeSpawnPlus thread on the forums. While I don't care if someone else decides to write and maintain a plugin for this purpose, I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if HSP could handle this use case using the most recent release that allows admins to define custom commands.

    So, if you'd like to give it a go, here's the smallest possible config that does exactly what you want using HSP:

      storage: YAML_SINGLE_FILE
      bedsethome: false
      disabledCommands: ['*']
        class: Home
        permission: home.home
        class: SetHome
        permission: home.set
        class: HomeDelete
        permission: home.del
        - homeAnyWorld
      singleGlobalHome: true
    If you don't care about using the permissions you stated, you could drop the 'permission' nodes and just use HSP's defaults (hsp.command.home, etc).

    With this config, all HSP commands and functionality are disabled except the 3 commands listed.

    Some free bonuses for HSP:
    • You mentioned warmups & cooldowns - already built in, just add some config lines.
    • You mentioned problems with permissions, you can tell HSP to ignore permissions and just give everyone access to all 3 commands
    • Data saved in standard YAML format (data.yml) so you can easily edit/view offline if you like
    • If your needs grow, you don't have to switch plugins yet again. Just turn on the features you want/need.
    • HSP is a well-maintained plugin with source freely available; you know it'll be updated and working many releases from now and worst case, you have full access to source
    Anyway, like I said it doesn't matter to me what you want to do, I enjoyed the challenge of seeing if HSP could meet this simple use case. In my local testing it worked exactly according to your requirements, no frills.

    Happy hunting.

    ps. if you do want to use HSP, be sure to download the current dev build from the Changelog page, as the '*' disableCommands feature was something I added for this, so that's not in the current release yet.
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    Isn't this already a Plugin? I've seen it in videos.
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    Are you referring to OP SimpleHome request or HSP? If the latter, yes, and that's why I posted. A plugin already exists that will do what OP wants.
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    It is of no concern. I have already made the plugin. Giam is at liberty to choose any plugin that allows the functionality requested. BukkitDev is available to everyone so there should be no such problem. I only made the plugin for practise and I am not bothered whether it is used or a copy of a plugin already made. I only offer an alternative. If you want to suggest an alternative, feel free to mention it as I will have no quarrel yet will have no part it the discussion.
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    HSP and others are great, but are a bit too bloated for my tastes.

    I'm sure the posters above were just putting forward some suggestions :)
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    Sound like you have what you want then in the plugin that was written. Have fun!

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