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    Hello! I'm the official StimpyPvP from you-tube. (If you see any other accounts on here otherwise, that is not me.)

    Anyways, I own a kit server along with my friend brendan.

    All we're looking for in this plugin is that a red message that only mods and admins etc see that tells them if someone is hacking for example

    Stimpay is autosouping (1)
    Stimpay is autosouping (2) etc

    Stimpay is flying (1)
    Stimpay is flying (2) etc

    Stimpay is forcefielding (1) You get the point.

    I don't want this plugin to affect the way PVP is done as in: (pullbacks, stop people from flying)

    The point of this plugin is to be ONLY notifications so that if they're hacking it tells the staff.

    - Our server is SKYlandkits, meaning we have islands in the air. If people fall off the islands and gain speed while falling off, will these set off fly detection?

    - We have an archer kit that has a jump boost of 3, would this set of any detections?

    Message me on youtube or on here if you have any other questions @ StimpyPvP.
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    Vouch for Stimp... Awesome dude to work with.
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    You could just configure anticheat or notcheatplus to do this.
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    Honestly i'd rather have a custom detection plugin rather than changing nocheat around if that isn't too much to ask. Also last time I checked nocheat messes with hit detection and screws things up. I could be wrong.
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    Like drtshock was saying: NoCheatPlus can be configured for what it should do when it detects a hack. You can change the actions of what it douse when it finds a hack(Warn admins, block the cheat, add more points to their Violation Level(auto kicks if to high) ). I haven't used AntiCheat, so I'm not sure if it works the same a NoCheatPlus.
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    I don't see why someone would write an entire plugin for you when all you have to do is change a couple of options in existing plugins that are actively maintained.
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    I'm going to respectfully disagree with some of you here with the notion that public anti-cheat plugins are capable of effectively dealing with cheaters; they're not. There are many reasons why public plugins such as NoCheat (Plus) and AntiCheat are not viable solutions for PvP servers like Stimpy's and my own. The fact that the plugins are public and creators of hacked clients can test bypasses with the same code running on 95% of servers is one of the most prominent issues with what many of you mentioned above.

    We at MineHQ ( devote a large portion of our time to maintaining our proprietary cheat detection plugin. One of the things people quickly realize when joining a MineHQ server is the scarcity of hackers -- they don't make it long before they're autobanned or picked up by our detection and met by one of our awesome staff members and their ban hammers. Having said that, detecting cheats is relatively easy when your methods of detecting these cheats are not known to the public. It's really a matter of brainstorming and thinking of ways that you can detect certain unhuman actions that are not widely deployed by other anticheat systems.

    To sum it all up, it starts simple ideas and grows from there. It's really not hard, it just requires careful thought and a unique approach to an ever-increasing problem. Just my two cents.
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    As intriguing as that is JHalt that doesn't change my stance. I doubt anyone is going to make a private anticheat plugin for someone in the plugin request section so his best bet would be to configure the current public ones to fit his needs.
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    Stimpay just get NoCheatPlus and give your admins the nocheat notify permission and voila you will be notified in chat whenever someone hacks.
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    Alright.. I'll give that a try. Thanks.
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    Have you tried kNoHax, you know the kind from kookabura, that might be kindof what you are looking for.?
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    Going to dig a little here...

    We get a lot of such "claims" about NoCheatPlus so I'm join going to just copy&paste my usual answer now:


    And some additional notes:
    - Developing a AntiCheat plugin is everything other then easy (doesn't really matter that much if your methods are public or private)
    - Less to do with brainstorming and more with just testing out and stumble over all those Minecraft/Craftbukkit bugs that make it hard for you to build checks on
    - Most bypasses I've seen are just useless and remind me of Minecraft bots (Take no fall damage by placing a bucket of water underneath you automatically). Hackers just call everything they do "NC+ or AC Bypass" because it sells better but in most cases its just an adaptation to what AntiCheat plugins allow.
    - NoCheatPlus is capable for PvP servers. You just need to config it to fit your imagination of how it should check and what it should do when it detects a hack on someone.
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    Just letting you know, your reviving a dead thread. The OP hasn't been on since his last post (more than 2 months ago).
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    Thats what I meant with "Going to dig a little here...". And 2 months isn't that old yet.
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    Well i can give you a custom anticheat plugin i coded. atm it detects speed, sneak, fly, forcefield, fastbow, killaura, fastheal, macros :) add me on skype if you want it: coderryanmc
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    Just trying to help people out lol
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Could you look at the last login date of the OP then next time? last login: 11 nov 2013
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    I was going through the forums helping people out. Sorry if it annoys you but im trying my best to help everyone.

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