Simple Clan / Guild Plugin for server needed. Already looked at Factions and SimpleClans

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    Plugin category: RPG

    Suggested name: ClansSMP (I'm not good with names, so I will let whoever decides to take this on have that honor).

    What I want:

    I am in the process of trying to make a MMO Minecraft Server. I am using Herochat, Vault, and Group Manager for core-plugins, and as such, this plugin needs to at least be compatible with all of them.

    I have spent the last 4-5 hours browsing the plugins and the only one to come close was SimpleClans, but it is outdated (and the legacy remake for 1.7.2 isn't compatible with the SimpleClans Chat plugin or HeroChat, making it unusable for my purposes). Factions has more features than I need, and would use up more resources than it's worth.

    I just need a simple clan plugin where you can pay to create a clan (or guild), assign ranks, kick and invite members, and have wars / alliances with other clans. I do not need land management as that is being handled by a separate plugin altogether. I basically want to have this as lightweight as possible.

    It should also be able to integrate into Herochat for channels and formatting tags (and if possible, make it compatible with other chat plugins as well for others who wish to use it). MySQL support would be appreciated, but not required.

    If you need more details / information, feel free to contact me.

    Ideas for commands:

    /clan create {tag} {name} - create a clan

    /clan invite {playername} - invite a player to the clan

    /clan kick {playername} - kick a player from the clan

    /clan setrank {playername} {rank} - assigns a rank to a member

    /clan setleader {playername} - must be a member of the clan, and only the clan leader or OP can do this

    /clan createrank {rankname} {flags} - creates a rank for clan with flags (seperated by commas). Only the leader can do this. The flags should be invite, kick, withdraw (which would give them access to both the withdraw and give commands), deposit, and war.

    /clan disband - remove the clan from server, kicking all members out of it. If there is money in clan bank, it should also withdraw that into clan leader's account.

    /clan ally {clanname} - sends alliance request to another clan

    /accept - accepts above request

    /decline - declines above request

    /clan war {clanname} - declares war on another clan. At least 1 member of the opposing clan should be online before this can occur.

    /clan reload - reloads plugin

    /clan deposit {amount} - deposits money into clan bank

    /clan withdraw {amount} - withdraws money from clan bank

    /clan give {playername} {amount} - give a member money from clan bank

    Ideas for permissions:

    clan.use - gives access to all the above commands except for /clan reload

    clan.reload - allows access to the command /clan reload

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, as I'm limited on what I can do until this is made. If you know of a plugin that currently works with HeroChat, Vault, and GroupManager, that will do what I need now for 1.7.9, let me know, as I found none that worked.

    Bump, if anyone is able to do this, or refer me to a plugin that is up-to-date that can do this, let me know. I've been searching for a while now with no results.

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Dragonfire967 Outdated doesn't mean broken till proven otherwise.
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    Most of the one's I've checked that would do what I need either are only up to version 1.5.2 / 1.6.4, or in the case of SimpleClans, are broken. Factions is too robust and resource heavy for what I need.
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    They keep either giving me errors or say they are outdated.
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    Dragonfire967 Coud you post a server log? And contacted the developers about that already?
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    I would if I saved the logs. I have already removed the plugins, and moved on, still searching. As far as contacting the developers. The most promising plugin was SimpleClans and I've already contacted them, but no reply yet.

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