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Is this possible?

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    I have made a "claims" world, and the idea here is that I make rectangular worldguard regions, and have each be claimable. you could run, say
    /claim [region name]
    and then you would be given build access to that area. Also, the regions don't have to be worldguard, other region types are fine. The main difference between this claim plugin and other ones is that you DON'T get to define your own claim. You could build whatever you wanted, and each person would have limited claims.

    Maybe in the future, joinable claims would be cool? like if you had 2 claims side by side, they would merge? or use a command to?

    Any time is fine.
    Version: 1.14.4 craftbukkit
    Thanks! Anything helps!
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    Any commands or permissions? Check sticky pls.
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    Slightly confused by your description @MPG1 Just to be clear what you want
    - You create "plots" using worldguard
    - /claim (region) would allow the player to claim the plot they are in.
    and as @Xp10d3 said : Permissions? Commands? Server Version? etc etc
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    @ironinventor1 Yes. That is what I want.
         Can claim the area you are in.
         Can bypass the claim limit.
         Can edit claim limits/reload plugin
              /claimlimit [new value]
              /myplugin reload
    Not sure what you mean by version. CraftBukkit 1.14.4 is all I have for now.
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    For the command where admins can change the limit, what should be done if the admin reduces the number of claims to be less than the current amount? What should be done for players that now have too many plots?

    Additionally, does "/claim" give the plot to the player that is standing in it, or does the command need a name as in the original post? (Both is also possible).
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    The players with too many plots would keep the extras, and a warning would alert the admins of it.
    I would say you would claim whichever unclaimed one you were in, or name it if you didn't/aren't in one.
    Thank you!
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    There is already a plugin for this.
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    1, this plugin is too old for my server.
    2, this plugin can only claim chunks.
    3, you can't set the chunk limit.

    I appreciate this, but it isn't quite what I want.
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