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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: Simple Chest Shop (maybe :p)

    What I want: I'd like players to be able to spawn a double chest where they're looking with a commandb. This chest will have x many rows (configurable). When they put an item in there, they have to type in how many emeralds they want to sell that item for. This price will apply to each item in that slot. (Example: If I put 5 apples in the shop, and I type in 5 emeralds, each apple will be 5 emeralds, for a total of 25 emeralds.)

    The shops will also have custom names and the name will appear on the shop, like a player name. I think it can be done with an npc spawned at the chest. Players type the name in the chat after spawning the chest.

    The currency will be configurable. In the config we can pick whether we want to use virtual currency (vault) or item currency, and specify which item id to use as the currency.

    Also, the items that have "Untradable" in their lore cannot be sold in a shop

    There will be a gray dye in the chest when it is created. When the shop owner clicks on the gray dye, it becomes a lime dye and the shop becomes public. Anyone can buy items from that shop afterwards. The shop owner has to click on the lime dye to close the shop and edit it.

    The shop can be destroyed by punching. The items in it will be transfered to the shop owner's inventory.

    Ideas for commands:
    /shop create - Will create a shop where player is looking at. They can't create a shop where it won't fit, or the block below is not solid.

    /shop rename - Will rename the shop player is looking at. They have to own that shop to do it.

    Ideas for permissions:
    simpleshop.limit.x - Can create x amount of shops. They can't create another shop if they reach the limit.

    simpleshop.rename - Can rename a shop they own.

    When I'd like it by: By the end of July. That's when we're planning to release the server. :)

    I've searched for chest shop plugins but they all work with a sign on top of a chest. If there's a plugin like this, please give me a link so that I can use it and not waste a developer's time. (Shopkeepers could work but I don't want to use villagers :/)

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