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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by HalfPrince7, Oct 31, 2014.

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    Category of Plugin: Chat Related, Admin Tools

    Name Suggestions: Chat.txt

    What I want in the plugin:
    I need a plugin that can save logs in .txt format in the file folder. Some exist, but what I need specifically is one that:
    -Saves the .txt file as the date
    Example: 10-31-14.txt
    -Saves different .txt files for each date
    Example: 10-31-14.txt
    -Shows restarts and shutdowns with some sort of divider
    Example: [6:44 pm]-Owner- HalfPrince7> Restaaaaart!
    [6:45 pm] -Owner- HalfPrince7> Kay, we're back!
    -Has the time (console time, on 12 hr schedule) and IGN (not nickname) of the player saying it
    Example: [6:44 pm] -Owner- HalfPrince7> Regular chat is easy!
    -Has private messages (PMs) in a different format showing who messaged who and the message
    Example: [6:44 pm] -Owner- HalfPrince7 ~ -Owner- NotherPerson> Heyo, what ya up to?
    -Shows console messages and PMs as the name players see
    Example: [6:44 pm] -Console- HalfPrince7> This is me talking in Console!

    That's literally it. It's a combination of things I've found in other plugins, but never all in one. I don't need any big commands, although a reload option would be nice. I literally just need a .txt file that saves with the formatting I need, it's that simple. :) I've found everything I need in four different plugins that don't work with each other, but nothing in one package, which is what I need.

    Suggestions for commands: /chattxt reload

    Suggestions for permissions: chattxt.reload

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, please, cause my server is up and running and I need one that takes down dates! :oops: I haven't been able to find one that logs everything in dates and shows restarts and IGNs, and I'm getting desperate.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    HalfPrince7 Server has its own log files, date and time based ( combination, range of the time when the server was online )
    Chat will be in there, and commands will be in there.
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    You see all color codes so you have to look awhile to get the chat of the player ;3
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    That's exactly what I'm avoiding. I don't want to look for the names through color codes and server restarts and saves like that. Also, when I post something from it in copy and paste for evidence for a ban or something, I have to edit for hooooours all of the different color codes and things out, cause I have to do the whole conversation and I have more than the usual set of plugins that spam the console. It's seriously taxing to do when I also have to watch chat while I'm posting the report. And when I send it to my staff members they complain cause it's so long it fills up their Skype. All I want is something I can copy and paste easy, like an actual conversation, and it's easy to use for logs. :( We have a report system on my site, and all of my staff members have to report when they ban someone. Part of the evidence is the chat logs, and while we're editing, those people are on the forums making a big stink. Do you know what I mean? While it's great that the server has one, it's like comparing Google Docs to Microsoft Word. Sometimes you need the professional version that's easy to use and less time-consuming.
  5. HalfPrince7
    If you're still interested in this, I can do this by the end of next week. I know it's a long time, but I've just got a lot of work that I need to get done at the moment (college sucks sometimes). This isn't very hard to do and shouldn't take very long.
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    Created it!


    Tell me anything you want adding as it's pretty basic at the moment ;)

    Regards to private messaging, do you have a special PM plugin at all or just default?
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    I have Essentials as my PM plugin. I think the /msg works nicely. I can't reply to this forum very quickly cause we're building things... everyone needs the owner and all that. Believe me when I say it's massive. If you want to come and check out my misfortune, message me. I won't advertise on here, I think that'd be rude of me after all the help I've gotten. XD I'll try out your plugin, Mr. ConnorLinFoot, I really hope it works! Thank you so much!

    Mr. TheGamingGrunts, I'm gonna try out Mr. (or Ms, didn't even think of that 0.0) ConnorLinFoot's plugin and if it doesn't work then I'll ask you. I know all about college making strains, so I don't wanna push you for something that might not be needed! :) Thank you for the option though!

    I'm so glad that I can get some options right now I could cry! We have been having an influx of WelcomeAbominations lately (we call them that cause they get the welcome message and spam or advertise or grief or something) and if staff isn't on, they terrorize the players. I would like to know if it's happened, and with the console log the way it is... I can't ever find it. I don't even know where to look in all that mess. I just recently got Votifier set up too... It spams EVERYTHING. If there was even a slight chance of me finding things in the mess of the logs before, there isn't one now. XD That's why I'm super glad I got so many replies, thank you all!

    Oh, Mr or Ms. ConnorLinFoot, can you tell me if it can hook up to an SQL Database? If not, that's totally fine, but I know some plugins don't like SQL so I thought I'd ask. :)
    You are the biggest lifesaver! It works perfectly! What's your Minecraft IGN, I want to make a shrine of you with a statue. :p Cause you literally just saved me hours daily and lots of frustration! I could kiss you right now. XD This is exactly what I asked for and more, and it's in an amazing format that I can ctrl+f to find things. Now I can even tell my players to say the keyword "Grief" or "Spam" or "Important" and coordinates or IGNs so I can look them up easy and not have to read everything.
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