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    I want to start off by saying i didn't mean the plugin was simple to make i meant its simple for the users

    Plugin category: fun

    Suggested name: Simple bounty plugin

    What I want: This plugin would be used to place bounties on players. If a player has a bounty it will be shown under the players name like this. More than one player can put a bounty on a player they will just add up. The player that kills the player with the bounty will get all of the money that was used to place the bounty. When a player sets a bounty on a player it immediately takes the money out of the players currency. There is no max/min amount a bounty can go to. The bounty sticks with the player until he dies even if he logs off the server. This will require some type of database i would prefer a flatfile if possible. This will require vault and probably tag API

    Ideas for commands:
    /bounty <player> <amount> (adds that many points to the bounty)
    /bounty reset <player> (resets the bounty on a player back to 0)

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: asap but take your time
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    Doesn't sound too difficult, although i've never used scoreboards.. I'm gonna check them out now
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    Im not asking for a scoreboard of any kind that is right below the players name
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Tagapi = scoreboard
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    My latest version of killspay has a bounty system in it:
    The bounties do not add up tho, neither is it shown under the players name, but that can be changed as it is still in a beta state. At this moment the version with bounty is still under review, but should clear soon.
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    I haved look at your plugin and many others none have the features i am requesting (not trying to sound stuck up :p) if you add those features than i would be happy to use your plugin

    and timtower tag API has to do with the name. Color of the name, prefixes on the actual name. As far as i know all the plugins that use tagAPI dont have a scoreboard and use name modifications
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    I'll add in the option to add bounties up, the tag name might take a little longer. Keep an eye on the new versions. (versions starting 2.0.1 will have a bounty system)
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    ok i will but i the mean time i will wait for Desle to make it :D
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    Idk if i can, but i started.. I'm kinda experimenting too.
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    ok if you need a tester pm me or tell me here
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    <font color="#00ffff"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>


    Commands and permissions

    /addbounty or /ab
    Permission: bounty.add
    Usage: /addbounty <player> <amount>
    This command allows you to add a player's bounty.

    /removebounty or /rb
    Permission: bounty.remove
    Usage: /removebounty <player>
    This command allows you to remove a player's bounty.

    Configuration file

    minimum-amount: 500 #The minimum amount of money when adding a bounty
    highlighted-if-bounty: true #Toggles the red name when a player has a bounty
    Bounties file

    #Stores all the players with a bounty on them
    bounty: 2985
    bounty: 500
    bounty: 800
    If you want any changes, i'd heartly add them for you ;).
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    Desle I can't test it out right now as I am at school but maybe add a /bounty so players can see what their own bounty is. Players can't see their own name after all.
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    I tried adding a /bountylist (/bl), so it would show player heads in an inventory, with their bounty in the lore, although, it won't show their heads, just normal player skulls with the steve face.. so i removed it again. + it would glitch out if the inventory ran out of slots.
    By the way, you can see if you have a bounty on you by checking the TAB list, checking if your name is red if in config enabled.
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    Desle I just meant if a player did /bounty it would stay "you have no bounty on you" or "you have a <amount> bounty on your head"

    Maybe Add if you put a sign under a normal player head that says


    It would automatically update the head to the player in the game with the highest bounty and the sign will update to

    <player name>

    This option would be available for the people with the top 5 bounties. If this part is to much I understand

    Desle did you use tag API for this as well?

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    I might add signs, i'll see.
    And no i did not use TagAPI.
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