[Simple Benchmark] CoreProtect vs LogBlock

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Which block logger do you think best supports a lag -free server?

  1. LogBlock

    36 vote(s)
  2. CoreProtect

    23 vote(s)
  3. Hawkeye

    9 vote(s)
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    Data: http://c.beastsmc.com/logger_data.zip

    I just got done running tests on HawkEye, LogBlock, CoreProtect, Prism, and BlockUndo. During these tests, 200,000 block break events were incrementally generated. Each plugin run with an out-of-the-box MySQL setup and the only configuration done to the plugin was adding the MySQL info.

    "Main event" is the total execution time of the method that listened for the BlockBreakEvent. "Total Time" is the sum the execution times of all methods belonging to the plugin.

    I've heard CoreProtect 2.0 is supposed to be much faster, so I'll try to add a benchmark for it as soon as it's available.
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    Excellent work.

    I bet there's a lot we can do to improve plain block event handling speeds - we have not done much to analyze performance past we had done out of common sense.

    These results are excellent considering we're still at 1.o - I'd be willing to bet that 1.1 is a little faster (If you'd be willing to test that let me know, it's coming within a few days and contains a lot of work). Looking at your profiling data shows me some areas that could potentially provide a very noticeable improvement.

    To confirm, these are just logging the events? Can we please see stats for actual rollbacks?

    Also, please let me know any details on how you run the tests. We're going to start really focusing on performance now that 1.1 is nearly done and real world issues from 1.0 have been taken care of.

    Edit: 1.1 is pending approval on bukkitdev. That should have a very measurable impact on our time - though there's still plenty to do.

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    At the authors' requests, I reprofiled Prism (1.3.2) and CoreProtect (2.0.0). Same methods and everything from before.


    As you can see CO 2.0 is a huge improvement from the previous versions. So, I also mad a version of the graph without the old version of CO so the differences between the other loggers are more visually dramatic.

    Downloadable profiling data for the new Prism/CO versions: http://c.beastsmc.com/profiling/new_logger_data.zip
  5. Great job! Really interesting stuff.
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    Amazing to see the improvements. Great work on both sides - prism/cp. I am very pleased with how Prism stacks up but am not at all done working on performance!

    However, I get a 404 for the zip file
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    Oops. It should work now.

    Got around to profiling Prism 1.4.

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  9. When you're Benchmarking HawkEye are you using the old and out of date version or are you using the improved reloaded version?
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    Wow, that is even better, I am even more satisfied with that result - but as always I will continue to strive for better performance. Thanks a ton for so quickly throwing 1.4 in - it was released the same day you did the re-test and I felt I wouldn't bother you again, so it's very much appreciated.

    I'm downloading the data now - if you can post the 1.4 data too I'd appreciate it.
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    TheBeast808, could you please benchmark with the newest versions of each plugin? Or, if you don't have time, can you post your testing code, so that other people can run it?
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    is this like anti-grief technology?
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    Interesting thread :)
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    Could we have another benchmark with the newer versions of the plugins?
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    I personally LOVE Core Protect. The reasons why i love it are:
    1) It has VERY improved performance
    2) Although it takes a lot of cpu its worth it because it does absolutely AMAZING work on rollbacks and data logging. It breaks main threads into small threads and small threads into smaller threads which is basically PERFECT Logging.
    3) The speed might not be perfect but it is worth it from the perfection. It rolls back sign text for crying out loud :p
    4) if you accidently crashed the server with worldedit, its got your back
    5) It has some pretty impressive features like the torch logger
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