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    If someone already knows of a plugin that does this, please tell me. I wasn't able to find one.

    Plugin category: Fun/admin?

    Suggested name: Signups

    A bit about me: I'm someone who's looking to set up a server of mini games for some fun times. :)

    What I want: A plugin that lets a player do /signup to sign up for an event. When there are enough people, the plugin will teleport them to an arena. It will teleport them out and let more people in when the game ends, which will have to be based on a redstone signal.

    Ideas for commands:
    /signup <eventname>

    Ideas for permissions:
    Signup.admin - lets you get in even if an event is full

    When I'd like it by: No specific time, but preferably not "eventually". :)

    Similar plugin requests: None that I know of.
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    This seems like it might cause more issues than it would resolve; why not just offer a command / telepad /etc. that gets them to the arena and manually start the event when enough people show up?

    Far less commands and less bugs to deal with. Not to mention it requires no coding :).
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    Because I want the events to be run without a host / admin. I guess if no-one wants to do this I will, though I'm not that great of a plugin developer.
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    If you want I can help you write it.

    Why don't you try working on it and let me know where you get stuck?
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