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    I think a really nice plugin would be to have a plugin that displays admin status so people with servers that require users to get buildrights would know if an admin was available. If the admin is online, it would tell you that, and if they're offline, it shows their last visit date. The colored text could be optional, but I think it would visually make it easier to understand.

    The signs would automatically update when they sign in/out (or it could be on a timer for less memory usage?).

    Below is my crappy rendition of what it would look like.


    With an AFK system
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    i like this :D defos should be made
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    Yea I hope someone wants to
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    That would actually work nicely. Maybe even for mods as well?
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    I like this... i'm still kinda learning how to make plugins but i'll give it a shot if you'd like. ^^
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  7. I love this idea :D
    I will start on it now.
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    it appears you've made lots of progress! xD
    no but seriously, someone should do this :)
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    ahhh nice! i thought you just said that in coloured text xD thanks!

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