Signs Being Erased in Random Chunks

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by James Lawrence, Jul 5, 2011.

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    any progress toward fixing this? it's getting really old.. I hope we don't have to wait weeks+ for 1.8 and hope notch fixes it.
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    i use >1.7 without issues. but when i install dynmap randomly chunks erase sings and chest every day.
    anyone here use dynmap??
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    i sue dynmap and happened 2 times now
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    Has anyone tested this? I tried it out yesterday on my server and nobody was able to log on. We all got end of stream errors. I noticed though that 2 more dev releases have happened since then though...
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    You need to delete Spout and all these plugins which download Spout.
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    It's working well for me right now. I downloaded the newest build, it's a little risky but the problem of wipe it's solved i think. At least my bugged chunks are now normal :).
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    I ban people to create and delete pistons anyway, and seems to be working, not wipes on #1000 in 5 days.
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    Did new RB fix this? the build 1060 i think
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

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    EvilSeph and Dinnerbone, thanks a ton for fixing that bug. You guys rock!
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    what all was fixed in RB #1060?
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    thanks so much! you guys rock!
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    I am using 1060 and still get this error! Chunks getting all signs and chests wiped! :(
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