Signs Being Erased in Random Chunks

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by James Lawrence, Jul 5, 2011.

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    okay sure there is my server propertiers
    #Minecraft server properties
    server-name=JanTTuX MC Server
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    :( so still no fix for this?
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    With what are you restoring them? BB?
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    I dont think this has anything to do with the same issue. This issue has happened before 1.7 and shouldnt have caused any removal of your data. More details for what your getting can be read on the LWC thread. Its a issue with bukkit, and LWC has a temporary fix. The issue in this thread, is a issue with MC 1.7 itself and not bukkit.
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    I am definitely having this issue all over my server. Is there anything I could post to help in the efforts?
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    My distance is set at 6
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    More and more people are affected by this problem not counting those who are not aware of and no solution found ...
    Give the distance-view will not move forward.
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    I seem to be lucky because I still haven't encountered the problem on my server. Maybe the circumstances to "spawn" it do depend on some plugins being present?
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    people have confirmed it with the official minecraft server haven't they? vanilla?
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    Just happened to me, chests wiped clean. How can this not be a priority to fix?
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    Happens to me too. Meanwhile we wait for the new version, maybye a dev can make a plugin that saves all the chests and signs contents on the shutdown, and on the startup (before all the others plugins load) checks all the signs and chests that are empty and restores they contents (if they had one). It should be pretty easy to develop and should solve this.

    Sorry if i have mistakes writing, i'm not used to write in english.

    @EdGruberman @robin0van0der0v @Kainzo @Hafnium @ntwitch @Rigby90
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    A plugin wont solve it like that @_Robert
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    So we can only wait? This bug is frikin annoying u.u
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    Actually, it is quite possible to do this. I've protected all valid PailStone ICs from the bug by saving their state and fixing them if they go blank. The same could be done for chests and generic signs too, but fixing the bug itself is a better way to go about doing things.
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    Agree, but that's in hands of the developers of the game or bukkit. And this was reported almost a month ago, meanwhile we are stuck with an annoying bug that can be momentarily easly fixed >.< (or i least i think).

    I was reading about the object classes to see if i can make the plugin myself, but i don't understand the overall functionality of the system. For example, how to "query" the world to get al the chests and signs, or if this impossible, how the chunks load/save works or what it's the best way to do this, without taking too much time in develop and avoiding to be a resource killer.
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    This is also happening to me :'(

    Bukkit #1000, view-distance = 6



    HeroSpawn : 0.2
    MobBounty : 4.05
    AutoMessage : 1.5
    HeroChat : 4.10.3
    MailBox : 2.2
    xAuth : 2.0b3
    WorldEdit : 4.6
    BukkitContrib : 0.1.7
    Towny : 0.73.1
    PermissionsEx : 1.12
    SignLift : 0.7
    OpenInv : 1.3.1
    MinecraftViewer : 1.0c
    iConomyDeath : 0.7
    LogBlockQuestioner : 0.02
    iConomy : 5.01
    MCDocs : 10
    Votifier : 1.4
    AppleTree : 0.5.1
    Landmarks : 0.2
    WorldGuard : 5.2.2
    Minecart Permanence: 1.0.0
    Minequery : 1.5
    iConomyChestShop : 2.75
    Questioner : 0.4
    WurkIt : 1.1.1
    HeroicDeath :
    Permissions : 2.7.7
    SimpleRestart : 1.1.0
    dynmap : 0.20
    LogBlock : 1.23

    I'm having to restore 4-5 chunks/day with about 15 users :\
    Seems like when it happens first time in a chunk, then i happen again. but also new random chunks are getting annoying :\

    I hope Bukkit team can solve this soon, and i also hope Notch is having fun developing gigant mushrooms and stupid things like that while huge and annoying bugs like this are still there.
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    Damn I just wished I was more adept with Java or programming in general. So, what do we know about this bug (don't want to spam; once again trying to analyze what's going on)?

    -It occurs already in vanilla Minecraft since version 1.7 it seems
    -It has something to do with the chunks getting unloaded (and possibly with them loaded again?)
    -When it has happened once it is expected to happen again in the same chunk (THIS is weird, seems like a "flag" was set or something; or corrupted data saved?)
    -Sometimes it is recreatable like when teleporting is used to leave/reenter the chunks
    -Many servers experience it, some don't (but may just be a question of time)
    -COULD be linked to some mods (Pailstone or Redstone Chips - but it seems veeeery unlikely as it also occurs in vanilla) or areas crowded with many chests and signs
    -The bug also happens in singleplayer (like our pals of AdventureCraft stated)

    Phew, it's a guessing game for me, as I've never seen to original code and as you might have guessed my inexperience with Java. In which way does Minecraft save the sign/chest data on a running server into the RAM ?

    I bet the bukkit team (and Mojang?) already have tried some things (or thought of possibilities causing this error), this thread may be the perfect place to explain what they've tried as we have a very active community and maybe we together can figure this out a bit more. Enough with the secrecy ;)

    I'll add your knowledge of this bug to this entry if I forgot something, just send me a private message or post in here.

    your "Skunny" from Germany
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    The real fix for this bug is NOT easy. @EvilSeph has been working on it for weeks, and nobody that I know of has figured out how to reliably reproduce the error.

    The problem with a plugin fix for this would be the extra storage for all the sign/chests, deciding if the chest or sign is blank because it was made that way by a player or it was wiped by the bug, when to un-wipe effected chests, etc.
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    I know it's not easy to fix the bug, i have readed all the posts and i know it's difficult to reproduce, i was talking about the "plugin".

    The chest are more complicated i think cause they can change to empty or not once they are set. The signs can't so you will only check if a sign it's empty or not when it's setted.

    I was thinking, maybye the correct way to do it it's "flagging" by a command the bugged chunks, so they are scanned in search of signs and chests when the server it's begin shutted down, saved and restored when the server it's started again (it might be the first thing to do before it loads all the other plugins, so it will not enter in conflict with them).

    But, well, i don't know very much about the subject, i'm just "dropping" ideas :p.

    Hey, do you think you can make something for the signs only? Maybye extrapolating the thing you did for your plugin? (Great plugin by the way haha, i think i'm going to use it, i was doing a maze with traps and can become very handly to not use pressure plates)
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    I've been told placing/destroying pistons around has to do with that.

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    no. happens in one of my multiverse worlds and it has literally NO pistons in it. pistons do not effect signs or chests clearing.
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    is there a plugin to store chest in mysql? that yould help for this problem or?
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