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    Plugin category: mech/admin

    Suggested name: signplot

    What I want: Sign based residence application.
    Place sign on workbench, cuboid around is protected.
    Size is configurable via text on sign, up to %max%.
    %max% is whatever the chunk loading limitations are.
    I assume this would only work up to ~80 meters, as the chunk would need to be loaded/read to be effective.
    No need for DB ; No need for commands (for users).
    Simple text formatting on signs.
    %username% (auto-filled)
    %rad% (cuboid at rad of 20(width) (40m), default to (config.yml) if empty/lacks permission )
    Then no one else would be able to build in that area.
    It would be easy to hide (under a house? wherever).
    Notify users when an area is entered/exited (based on permissions).
    Notify if users attempt to claim a plot too close to another plot, as it would cause conflicts.

    Basically another residence/towny/worldguard plugin, without the need for databases/admin attention/commands.
    Adding additional users within a plot, add a sign with users, EG:
    #This cannot be larger than (unknown) due to chunk loading limitations.
     default.plot.radius (width): '%rad% (int)'
    #max and default plot height is 128, and will cover from bottom to top of map
    plot.height : '128' (int)
    #This is the message that will alert the user upon entering someone a plot they don't own.
     message.not.owner: 'You are now entering %username%''s plot. You %buildpermission% build here!' (string)
    message.owner: 'You have entered a plot you own.'
    Ideas for commands:
    /sp (or signplot) reload (default op) reload config.yml
    /sp (or signplot) coords (or 'xy' or 'where' or 'location')

    Ideas for permissions:
    signplot.announce : announce to a user when entering someone's plot (default all).
    signplot.create : create a sign plot, cannot overwrite other's plots (default all).
    signplot.create.others : create a sign plot for others, cannot overwrite other's plots. (default op)
    signplot.destroy : removal of others signs. (default op)
    signplot.add : add users to the plot (eg, signplotmore above)
    signplot.add.others : add signplotmore signs to others plot (default op)
    signplot.override.rad override rad set in config.yml (default op)
    signplot.reload: use the /sp reload command
    signplot.locate: provide coords for signplot workbench within the currently selected plot so an admin can find it (default op)
    signplot.ignore: ignore build restrictions (default op)

    Similar plugin requests: None. Basically it is a longer range lockette or deadbolt.. Requires little to no config and no remembering of commands for users. Perhaps right-clicking on a workbench with a sign in hand would auto-claim (as deadbolt/lockette does with chests). Right-clicking a worldbench with a sign in hand in a plot that is already claimed would notify the user to use the signplotmore sign, should they already own the plot.

    Note: There is no need to protect chests/furnace or their contents as deadbolt/lockette do this just fine. Just stop people from building/breaking blocks in the area. I'm not wanting to prevent redstone usage (eg: levers, buttons, panels), but it could be a config option as others may.

    Idea: do not prevent players from expanding their plot with more workbenches/signs, providing it will not expand in to another users plot.

    Edit: formatting, better explanation.
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    This would be absolutely amazing. I strive to find plugins where there are no commands for the users to remember. Just simple sign syntax is all.

    Exited to see this go somewhere. Thread watched.
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    Cory Huckaby

    Also watching this.

    May attempt to do this myself, but my Java skills are limited.

    If no one with better skills comes along, I'll see what I can do with this, doesn't appear to be that hard of a project.
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    Anyone else interested in this?
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    I like it :) hope it gets made.
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    How exactly would you put a sign on a workbench? =P
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    The problem with that would be you couldn't show the GUI.

    (I've never used that plugin but I'm pretty sure the sign GUI is rendered client-side.)
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    Correct. There is no event, because bukkit has no packet it can send that triggers the sign gui. Spout gets around this by creating its own custom packet. With vanilla minecraft/bukkit however, you cant place a sign and have it pop the gui.

    As for the original post, precious stones does this sort of functionality. Placing any number of blocks has different effects. Diamond blocks are a 64x64x64 area i believe of protection.

    I get around this somewhat, by using pre-placed text. it automatically places the sign on right click, adds the first 2 lines. Anything beyond that, say extra users, needs to be done with commands.
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    I still like the sign idea, because precious stones is a bit annoying with the toggle.

    You should just have a different code for different blocks that you could put, like [protect] [5] would protect an area of 5 of placed on a sign on a block.

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