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    Stephen A.

    If you used iConomy on hMod, then you most likely remember


    On a sign,, and then you do /sign -s 52 6 and your shop would then say it stocked 52 MobSpawners, and the sign above it would say even more info. I wish i had this back, but have not seen it. Can someone make this an iConomy plugin please? Thanks!

    Before it was something like this:
    1. Place a blank sign above the sign you would sell stuff om(This will tell what you are selling, how many in stock, and how much it costs.
    2. Fill a sign below it with the stuff i had posted earlier in this post.
    3. Then do the /sign -s thingy.
    Then Huzzah it would sell from its own inventory, and no need for a chest.

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