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    What I'm looking for is a developer which will create a plugin where you can assign a permission to a player by clicking on a sign. Also I would like it so it would have Iconomy support so you would have to pay for your permission. I don't want it to actually put them into a whole new group just give them certain commands. I'm sure this is possible because the permissions plugins have players setup as:
    Permissions: [] (Where the new nodes for that player would go)
    group: Doesn't matter
    Also I would like it if a player switches to a different sign rank that there extra nodes would reset so they can't have 2 ranks at the same time. So there Permissions: [nodes here] would be reset but not there group permissions.

    Bob walks into the character shop. There's signs on the wall that say "Robber" 1000 coins, "Farmer" 900 coins and "Warrior" 1500 coins. Bob has 1500 coins and wants to be a warrior. Bob right clicks the sign and he gains the permission nodes of the warrior and loses 1500 coins.

    Also I would like it so the plugin has permission nodes so random people can't just create permission signs. So basically this plugin is like Yeditor,PermissionsPlus, or AssignPermissions but instead players use signs to buy there permissions.

    If you are unclear about what I'm looking for please feel free to ask.

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    I would love to see this!
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    Great idea!!
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    Anyone interested?
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    When CommandSigns is updated, you could use that with BuyAbilities
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    No it wouldnt... you need to type the players name in order to add nodes. That's why I need this plugin.
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    I don't think I read this post carefully enough. You are looking for players to gain multiple permissions. Because a sign would be able to fit a maximum of 3 permission nodes, the obvious choice would be to use secondary groups (i.e. the default group is default or player, and the other group is Warrior). So, you can get GroupManager, Roles, and CommandIconomy to charge users for "/joinrole [category] warrior" (I have used this system a lot on my server as a matter of fact, works like a charm). I have not tested this using commandsigns, but if you do it as "/joinrole [catergory] Warrior" on the sign, it will run on the console as your character. That means CommandIconomy should work, and I have tested it with other secondary checks (like warp cooldowns) and joinrole does work with commandsigns.
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    You can't type "/permadd Bob Warrior.*" on a sign that would only give Bob warrior permissions if he clicks it. Roles is way out of date even though it might work who knows if the next update will break it...then your stuck. Plus I don't want to use group manage because it doesn't work with some plugins. I Also don't want to get command signs because it sounds like it's not working.
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    Updated post.

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