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    I've noticed the absence of a plugin which allows you to deposit money in a bank. It'd be useful to me alongside a plugin that takes money away from you when you die. The signs would be placed in a bank and anyone can deposit their money by right clicking them. You could gain a percentage of interest on the money in the bank too. The plugin could include other signs that could display their balance somehow (maybe show in chat, or show it on the sign), signs to deposit and signs to withdraw. Maybe it could also include item depositing with a chest too. Sorry to ask alot, but it seems to be a good idea to me :)

    Thanks for reading!
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    Yeah, just simple money bank signs and money lose on death is also what I want!
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    Great idea. I'm interested as well!
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    OtherDrops can (or should be able to) do most of this. eg:

        - region: [BANK]  # this should be the name of a relevant worldguard region
          action: LEFT_CLICK # or right_click
          command: "/bank deposit 20"  # or whatever command will deposit into a bank account
          message: "Thank you for depositing 20 credits."
        - drop: MONEYSTEAL  # this should take money from the player upon dying, haven't tested it recently though
           quantity: 2-5   # or I could possibly add a "ALL" option
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