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    MinecraftSped I steal plugins as my own

    Before I start, yes, I do realise there are a million lift plugins, however, none of them are what I need.

    I need a plugin where if you type [Lift Up] on one sign and [Lift Down] on another, they'd tp the play who right clicked it to the opposite sign.
    The signs would have to be vertical to each other.

    I have seen a plugin that does this but it's outdated and doesn't allow this next feature.

    If you type anything else on the remaining lines, it would ignore it.

    I need a plugin where if you type [Lift Up]/[Lift Down] on the second line of a sign it would work like a lift. Maybe put the text in some sort of colour.

    ALSO! I would like the source code just in case I ever need to update it. I don't want to have to run back asking for an update.
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    if u could update the source code it means you understand java which means you could do this yourself but you are just too lazy
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  3. Doesn't that plugin already have the source code public?

    In which case...saying you could update it in the future...can't you update it yourself?
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    MinecraftSped I steal plugins as my own

    I know basic Java... Not enough to make this myself though.

    If you can find the old plugin I will look at it... I could find every lift plugin other than the original.
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    I think I take this. ^~^

    Here. Done. Is this what you want ? ^^ Download here.

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