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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: CustomShop

    What I want: A plugin that would interact with one of the many renaming plugins out there to make it possible to sell items with custom names and lores. I've seen this system previously, although I've not found anything similar or equal to it. The renaming plugin I'd preferably like it hooked up to is this one since you don't need any additions in order to run it. The shop system could be separate or, once again, integrated with one or all of the shop plugins. As I am not so very familiar with the plugin developing process yet, I cannot know for sure how this will work along with the other plugins and how it will apply to the server without getting any issues.
    If a separate shop system needs to be made, I would personally prefer shops with a chest GUI, however it's all up to you since you will be the creator.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin, unless the setting up of shops will include any commands.

    Ideas for permissions:
    If not inegrated with other plugin(s):

    - Customshop.setup - To set up shops

    - - To buy from shops

    - Customshop.sell - To sell from shops

    - Customshop.admin - A sort of parent-permission to allow the set up of admin shops, closing other persons shops, looking at their shop's inventories and so forth.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, although no pressure should be felt whatsoever.

    Thank you!
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    Well, ChestShop?
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    Getting one of these made for my server, however it would be specific to my server as to effectively do it we need to integrate the api of some of our other custom plugins.
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    I can do this, done it before for a custom server, what type of currency or point system would you want for how you buy the items?

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