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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SkillAura, Aug 30, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Not sure caterorys.

    Suggested name: VoidShop

    What I want: Hello, i'd like a possible /shop GUI Plugin. Based on the format of chestcommands; the config should look like this pastebin. Any other plugin for this i find isn't able to be customized or simply don't work!

    GUI Should be fully editable; if possible; using that gui format. Thanks :D

    EDIT: Also; add in the begining area:
    SELL-SUCCESSFUL-MSG: '&aYou successfully sold &n{ITEM}&a For &n{PRICE}&a!'
    BUY-SUCCESSFUL-MSG: '&aYou successfully bought &n{ITEM}&a for &n{PRICE}&a!'
    PREFIX: '&5[&8V&7oid&8S&7hop&5]&r'

    Ideas for commands: /shop

    Ideas for permissions: None

    When I'd like it by: however time it takes :)
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    Use chestcommands.
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    The buy aspect of it doesn't work; i have it set to have these cmds:

    • To take the money
    • To give the item
    • To give the msg
    • and i have a set price ("PRICE:")

      But nothing stops them from buying it when they dont got enough. it gives the item AND says "not enough money"
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    Okay, Maybe use like a ShopGUI, their are plenty on Bukkit and Spigot, do a quick google search
  6. Anyone doing this?
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    @Ultracrepadarian I want like a shop GUI Not from players what they sell, but things i put in the config set as a price.
    @boomboompower i don't want it to be signs.
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