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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by MoseMister, Dec 5, 2013.

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    remember ships made by Qx2

    well if you followed it, you would know it took a massive halt back on craftbukkit 1.6.4 beta build 1.
    i have finely fixed the error that occurred back in 1.6.2 recommended build, and well i have updated it, keeping it up to date with 1.6.4 and 1.7.2.
    i plan to add the features the fans want, however i am still learning java, im about 1 week into it, but in that one week i have made 4 successful updates and 6 in total to the Ships Reloaded plugin.
    the lastest for 1.7.2 is a beta build and you can PM me at any time, to get my official website for ships reloaded because im not allows to upload it to dev.bukkit because Qx2 will not talk to me ...
    so enjoy
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    The license is all rights reserved and the creator has only been offline for like a week.
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    i ask him permission 1 month ago, no reply.

    as for the all rights reserved, i got nothing to say about it.

    i will say i sort of got pressured into doing this by fans of the plugin, and I am changing all the code i can to my own code, i have changed about 5% of the plugins code to my own code. im just saying.
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    Because those two sets of statements match up totally. Clearly you don't know what all rights reserved means and that you don't really know what you're doing.
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