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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Shade, Jan 7, 2011.

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    If you know me. Then you know I do plugins. Done to business sha'll we?

    Status: Ported
    There's no method to register commands for the /help system anymore, but I haven't removed the plugin looking at the first line. So everything's compatible with the older. If there's still no use for it later, I will remove it.

    Status: In the works
    IRC: #towny on Esper :
    There's no onArmSwing event yet. So I might change the claiming concept a bit. Also, I'm refactoring Towny since this seems like a good time to do so. Why? Because there's no real gain for me to work with shit code. Also, wallgen will probably not come over. I'll look into other methods but it wasn't working out. Want to help out? Know how to program (no I'll learn Java to help out crap, that doesn't help me)? Then check out the github source. I know some other dude was just changing the hooks around, but that won't really cut it in the long run. Main things I'm doing is making turning everything into functions. I'm also getting rid of the command queue and avoiding at all costs the dreaded saveAll.

    Download: None
    Status: Not porting
    Someone has already done something similar. It seems to work well. Look up HeroChat.

    Download: None
    Status: In the works

    Download: None
    Status: Waiting
    Ah this little pet project was fun. I always kinda/sorta meant to update it.
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    Plugin starts, but don't find the .txt in the reader dir.
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    *rolls eyes*
    You put the text files in there. The comand is based on the name of the file. IE:

    File contents:
    Unused 1st line for /help command that's not used anymore
    1. Don't grief.
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    What exactly do you need from onChat? Linking to a page of threads that change over time doesn't help :p

    You have it.

    You have onDamage.
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    hi shade, I'm very much looking forward to a Towny port and I had a request that I think would improve it.

    Currently on hmod I'm using the CommandCost mod to make the player pay a sum of iConomy money to use the /claim command. This lets me force players to earn money to build larger towns. It has a few issues though, like if you fail to claim because you already own it or any other reason you still get charged.

    Could you add real iConomy support in the port?

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    Hey, I was the schmuck who was doing the quick port. It seems to work but is quite buggy so I am not even sure if I should bother posting the code.

    However I would still like to help out, anything I can do?
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    I know, I use this plugin since rls for hmod.
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    My fault.
    I have to fill the txt file with more than one line!

    Now it works ;)
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    @Dinner: Ooops, I was totally looking at your git instead of the official lol.
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    PSS. Update Towny ;)
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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I hope to see town for bukkit soon.
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    Good morning Shade.
    Can you do an update please? Thanks ;)
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    Reader should be updated.
    I've got Parties ready, it's just the onEntityDamagedByEntity event is never called to the best of my knowledge . . .

    I'm mainly working on Towny, I've changed the file format quite a bit. The town blocks has become decentralized from the townblocks.csv. Instead the town block list is loaded from the town's file. I plan on making it so you can have multiple save formats (not currently done but it'd be easy to convert).

    I've added HomeBlocks, as well as Town spawn locations that must be within the home block.

    Block build/destroy calls now are relative to the block instead of the player. Well build is, but the setup is there for destroy as well when the event comes.
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    Do you think the "capture the block" type gameplay will be in this release?
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    Update please. Our server needs towny so bad. Are we close to even a test version?
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    Although I think functionality akin to what we saw with the latest version of towny on hey0 is impossible with the current state of bukkit.

    so... Go bukkit team GO!
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    It compiles just fine for me. However there is currently no configuration file nor do I know if it reads the old towny data format.
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    the source on git doesn't have:
    • Unclaim townblocks
    • Assistants (town/nation)
    • Friends
    • flatfile-old data source (aka backwards compatibility)
    • wallgen
    • settings / config / levels
    • War state
    It does have:
    • claim rect [radius] & claim rect auto
    • town chat and nation chat (to those in your town/nation not the physical area)
    • block permissions relative to the block (and not the player)
    • Mayor/King prefixes in chat (not 100% on compatibility since im overwriting display name)
    • town spawn
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    cool. I have a few questions that I've always had about this plugin.
    1. When two nations are at war do they disregard block protection (can they destroy each other's blocks)? If not, will there be an option for it?
    2. Is there a way to do town pvp? Will there be?
    3. When a town is captured in war, does the town cease to exist? Will the mayor have to get a new town in order to rebuild?
    Cool Feature Idea: Make it so that the captured town can be awarded to a resident of one of the capturing nations' towns by the king of the capturing nation.
    4. Will there be an option to "pause" wars? Basically, if a set minimum of residents from each town are not online, the towns cannot fight one another.
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    Oi, need some feedback monkeys. Would you rather each town having it's own bank account that the mayor withraws from, or having taxes directly funneled to the mayors account?


    War 'll probably be more like an event. I'm trying to get away from having wars active over long periods of time. They really should be more like events since anyone could log at some obscure hour and wreck havoc. I'm sticking with war being nation only since it allows for a safe zone if you wish to not be forced into it.

    War will be freezing most commands (otherwise it would never end because people would just reclaim stuff). War will also ignore the permissions only if the town has joined into the brawl. Only town's belonging to nations, and at that I'll probably be making a "neutral" stance to not join in on war events unless so desired.
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    Ok cool. And the town bank account sounds better. That way an assistant mayor could also make withdraws from the account. Will this use iConomy?
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    I echo towns having their own accounts.
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    Town bank account definitely! Just because you are the mayor or king doesn't mean you shouldn't work for your money.. even if the "work" is walking to a building :p

    BTW how is Towny coming along? Do you have any idea about when it will be done? We really need this to get our server up again.

    Oh and thanks for all the great stuff you've done!
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    I need testers to test this. I still have a todo list..., but most of the core is done. I just need to confirm multiplayer stuff works and other things using an active playerbase. My server host is having trouble.

    If you want to test this with an older database, back it up first. I made some structure changes but some of it will load (namely townblocks don't load).

    Post your IP here so I can log in.
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    Sent it to you by pm. Don't want everyone and their mothers logging into my server :)
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    I want everyone and their mothers logging into my server! But there is a whitelist until u register on the site. I'm adding you to it so u don't have to. Assuming ur minecraft name is shade. Anyways the ip is:
    Small server
    Website it

    wait im confused. Most other plugin folders (the towny folder) you put in the plugins folder. But this one you don't?

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    uh, I was lazy on that part. I'll make it standardized when i release it. but there were a few bugs i forgot to address that croxis help me find.
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    Shade, before bukkit my friends and I ran a private vanilla server. I've been writing a skill progression mod for a little while that I'm going to implement on our server and probably publish as well. I was hoping to use towny on the server as well, but i would like to integrate my plugin into the town designations. Instead of paying something to claim a block for a town, I would like the maximum number of blocks a town can claim be based on the "citizen" and "politician" skill levels I use in my mod.

    Without spending hours trying to grok your mod, could you say whether that would be trivial, hard, or impossible to implement?

    By implement I of course mean using towny as a required library and plugin for my mod, and overriding methods like .canClaimAnotherBlock or similar...
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    Is there permissions?
    And I wish the towny map auto-updated... is it going to?

    FYI: the town claim rect auto and rect radius do not work. Idk if you knew that.
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    there is a method in TownySettings.getMaxTownBlocks(Town town). Right now it's getting a constant hardcoded in, but ill be changing that to reflect the ratio of players like it used to. If your gonna overload a method, that's it.
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