Shader Optimisation plugin adaptation

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by melandor0, Feb 14, 2011.

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    this can't be done with a plugin - you'll need to open up and edit a class in your server JAR.
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    Ok, thanks.
    Edit: How do I do that and still have Craftbukkit?
  4. Would be nice if the Bukkit team could actually put this in a CraftBukkit update themselves :).
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    Yep, would be very nice, but how do I apply it to craftbukkit? I only know how to mod the base server .jar
  6. Well it'd be the same method, open up craftbukkit with a tool such as Winrar and put in the files.
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    Right in the root of the .jar, without replacing any files?
  8. I would assume so.

    EDIT: Actually just looked inside the CraftBukkit jar myself, not sure where it'd go, net/minecraft/server/ looks promising though. If not you'd have to ask the developer of that mod some questions, or hope the Bukkit team see this thread and decide to integrate it themselves :).

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