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    Plugin category: fun and economy
    Recommended name: sg shop
    What I want: I would like an add on for survival games which includes points system and ingane shops. So when you win a match, kill someone or make it till deathmatch, it gives you a set amount of points which can be changed in the config. You can also change the name of the currency to fit your needs in the config. You can simply make a shop in front of you by doing /sg placeshop which spawns a small shop in front of them and you can step on the pressure plate and see the things you can buy and how much it costs, this cost and items can be set In the config. When you buy something, it just deducts the cost from your money that you have and it doesn't give you anything if you don't have sufficient money it doesn't give you anything.
    Commands: /sg placeshop,/sg stats(show you your money)
    Permissions: ( required for placing shops), sg.stat.view ( required for viewing your stats)
    When I would like it by: 3 weeks
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    Add me on Skype slide 160
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    Done, by the name of killer.cobra100

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