Setup Bukkit on Windows Server 2008

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by nicke937, May 20, 2011.

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    Hey. I am trying to setup a minecraft server (running Bukkit) on my Windows Server machine but it's not working. Before Windows Server I was running Windows XP and that's worked perfect.

    I know have to change in the firewall but I don't know what. I have tried open the ports but I can still not connect to the server (Connection lost: Internal exception Connection reset).

    So are there somebody that can help me how install Minecraft server on Windows Server 2008? I think that I must allow/open something in the firewall.

    EDIT. Got it working now, It was just allow java.exe on the inbound roles.
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    Big Thanks!!! This guy help me a lot .(more than u imagine)
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    I'm currently trying to setup a Minecraft Bukkit Server on Windows Server 2008. The Minecraft server seems to run with no problems on the Windows server (installed it with the help of the install guide), but I cannot connect to the server with another PC running Windows 7 (same LAN). I disabled the firewall (for testing) on the Windows server but the Minecraft client says "Can't resolve hostname".

    I don't know whats wrong.. maybe some service must be enabled. Can anyone help me?
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