Setting up Multiverse Spawns.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Exoaria, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I have two worlds.
    When a player joins for the first time I want them to spawn in location X in world A.
    In the first spawn location there are two teleporters to Spawn location Y in world A and Spawn location Z in World B.
    When someone dies in World A or B I want them to go to the spawn location of that world, not the first default spawn location.

    For example. Player died in World A they would go to spawn location Y. Player dies in World B they go to spawn location Z. For some reason no matter what world they are in they spawn at spawn location X, with the two teleporters.

    I'm using /setspawn for the default location X and /mv setspawn for spawn Y and Z.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    Multiverse doesn't have advanced spawn options, for this i would use HomeSpawnPlus
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    use /mvm set respawn worldname worldname

    so /mvm set respawn worldA
    /mvm set respawn worldB

    you have to use the command ingame on worldA and worldB

    if you do it from the console you must add the world you want the command to affect.

    Not true, multiverse allows for spawn world in the world.yml file for multiverse core.
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    bastion You learn something new everyday.
    But HSP is more advanced.
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    HSP worked perfectly for me, but thank you both for the responses.
    As a closing question, do either of you know how I can separate the chats in both worlds to the specific world?
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    A chat plugin, there are many different ones, so do a search.
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    I can't find one.
    But it's not part of the topic, so thanks for your help. :)
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    I'm pretty sure HeroChat works well? This is just off top of my head :p
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    HomeSpawnPlus worked great for me. Multiverse did not. No amount of combinations of commands I tried would allow me to set a specific spawn per world, but HSP worked right away. I just typed "/setspawn" in each world, with the default configuration, and away it goes (this is on 1.5.2, running a Hexxit server).

    For those using the Essentials plug-in:
    I did run into a conflict with Essentials. It was preventing HSP from working. There are different ways to get around this. I prefer cleaner solutions, so I disabled all the home and spawn commands for Essentials in the Essentials config file. You can also set aliases as recommended by the plugin creator (instructions here). Here's what I did: I edited the config.yml file in the "/plugins/Essentials" folder and put a # symbol in front of each command I wanted to disable (all home and spawn related commands). These were all found under the "player-commands:" section. Then I deleted the "HomeSpawnPlus.jar" in the plugins directory.

    I should note that this plugin can be a bit confusing at first. I was trying to set the default spawn area, but was getting some very strange behavior. After reading the config file, it wasn't really that obvious what was going on here. On a world with no local spawn set, it would go to the spawn area of one map (out of 3) when I died or typed "/spawn". Then when I set the spawn (on that specific world) by clicking on the bed, it would go there instead. The "/setdefaultspawn" command didn't work. "/mv setspawn" didn't work. After much trouble, the "strategies" page on the plugin page seems to have what I need. I haven't gotten it set up yet, but I feel confident I will be able to. I'd highly recommend anyone using the HSP plugin to read this page.
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