Setting the ip address for your server and getting on it

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by gwind2000, Jul 23, 2012.

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    I need to set up hte ip and then get on it. Is the server atomaticly external, or is there any thing you need to do?
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    What do you mean, I dont understand
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    I mean how do you set up the ip? I do the scan ip, then what? Put that in on the server commands under ip?
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    Please be more vague [/sarcasm]

    No, seriously. Wanna connect to your own server? Just start Bukkit and type "" in the IP field in Minecraft. (Don't touch the one in
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    there wasn't anything in the ip server properties. and it doesn't work

    A message says "Internal exception: Read timed out

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    1. Start Command Prompt[CMD]
    2. Type 'ipconfig' and hit ENTER.
    3. Look for something that say's 'IPv4 Address'
    4. Put that into your for the server-ip.
    5. Connect to the server, use the one this gives you.

    I hope this works for you :)

    - MrDent009
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    Unless you're running Hamachi or have an advanced server setup, you don't ever want to put anything in the server-ip field of the file. It's one of those things that if you're not sure, you leave it blank.
  8. As C0mp said leave it blank, if you dont know how to port foward, use LogMeInHamachi, its free to download, once you do that I highly suggest watching this vid. I am very new to running a server and Had no Idea how to get it to the public. This video answered that best part it is free you dont have to pay no domain name fees, or anything else like that. Check it out, it helped me. It also saves you from having to give out a new ip every time yours changes if your like me and it does so.

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    I can't type into the terminal, and I don't know why
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    gwind2000 so u can open terminal but u cant type into it??
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