Setting Players Money Balance In Vault

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by nw_, Mar 8, 2016.

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    hey, i'm new to developing plugins (only started last week and found this website). i was wondering how to set a players balance in VaultAPI. i've already configured the build path and all that, i don't need any help with setting up. i just need the code for that
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @nw_ economy.set probably
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    Have you read the JavaDocs for it? That will tell you everything.
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    What have you tried (TM)?
    Like, the method you need to use is SUPER obvious. I don't understand what you could possibly be having troubles with.
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    Yeah, but
    In case you mean you have no experience in programming before last week, then I would suggest that you should learn Java first before continuing Bukkit. Having knowledge about how to program in Java is a requirement for working on Bukkit plugins. Without it, you will run into simple problems (like this one) that could have been easily avoided.

    Please, find a tutorial from the following link, learn Java (should only take a week), and come back to Bukkit.
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    econ.depositPlayer(player, amout);
    econ.withdrawPlayer(player, amount);

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    Welcome back Captain Spoonfeeder! Almost thought you left your ways.

    BTW: You did not explain what either method does, nor have you actually answered his question. He asked how to set the amount of money for a player, not how to add/subtract a certain amount from a player.
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