Solved SetItemInMainHand makes the item unstackable.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Deathoffully, Jan 6, 2019.

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    After setting the held item of a player the item(-stack) behaves odd. It becomes unstackable with other items. Trying to stack it with other items manually doesn't work and when picking up items of that type they start stacking in a different slot even though they should be stacking in the held item slot.

    I set the item like this
    inventory.setItem(inventory.getHeldItemSlot(), new ItemStack(Material.DIRT));
    When trying to stack the dirt with other dirt the held dirt behaves like a different type of item would behave.
    Using setItemInMainHand results in the same outcome.

    Any ideas why that happens and how to fix it? I don't want to mess with pickup-events if I don't have to.

    EDIT: It works now, seems like my inventory bugged out or something. I didn't change anything but it works now.

    EDIT: It's back again - I have no clue what causes this.

    EDIT: So far the bug only occurred on a local server and not on a 3rd party server.
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    Have you tried looking through the itemmeta after you set it?

    Maybe compare it against what is in there for an item already in the inventory?
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    @torpkev I stopped investigating and I won't start again since this bug only occurred on my local server. Thank you for your help anyways.
    I'm going to mark this thread as solved even though I don't feel like it is.
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