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    There is a command that is included in the singleplayer commands package located here:

    that allows you to set your move speed using /setspeed # (1 is normal, 2 is 2x speed, 3 is 3x speed....) is there anyway someone can port this over to bukkit multiplayer and include permissions like so:

    setspeed.* = admin everything
    setspeed.mod = moderator up to 4x speed

    doesn't have to be exact but I believe it is do able as there is a Sprint plugin located here:

    that partially implements what I am looking for.

    Thanks in advance to all/any plugin developers that attempt this,

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    Seeing as movement is client side, I don't think this is possible.
    Sorry, come again some other time.
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    How does the Sprint plugin I listed above work than?


    Would it not be impossible for the Sprint plugin to work if all speed related functions were client-sided?
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    Velocity. I'll have a go for ya :D
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    If you can do it THANKS SO MUCH. If you can't THANKS SO MUCH FOR TRYING.
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    oh this is getting AZUMIKKEL a huge MINUS *notified the name*
    well, I am interested in this too, but just for my magic nation: can you add that you optionally have to use something? like feathers to get faster. :)
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    bump in case Canownueasy has left the forums.
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    bump for more interest :'(
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    Ah yes I'm sorry about that. Was quite busy with my RS project :p
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    Anything? Anyone wanna give a try at it? I dont think Canownueasy is going to try at this, I may be wrong, but it seems he has for the most part been away from the forums/community.
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    I second the requests, I'd very much like to have a weihgt system that would slow down players carrying to much.
    So I guess a set speed plugin is a step towards that.
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    bump bumpity bump bump bump.... Sorry everyone I want to see this happen though :(
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    Could anyone teach me how to write plugins so I dont have to keep spamming this thread? Please and thank you :D
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    I've tried to make this before. here is the thing:

    1 : to do it you need to change the velocity
    2 : If I use the getVelocity() it will add onto it and then multiply AGAIN therefore acceleration with no limits unless I put a cap on it, which might be possible.
    3 : if I use the direction stuff I'd end up making the character fly, which is how I'm makeing a /fly command in a different plugin.

    Also, just wondering, but isn't it in the forum rules or something that you're not supposed to bump?

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