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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Matyr, Feb 4, 2011.

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    Is there any solution to set the level high or deep boarder?
    I want to build higher buildings like flying islands, but the block hight limit is to deep.
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    AFAIK this cannot be done.
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    you could use a map editor to flatten your map at like 2 above bedrock, then build above that.. effectively adds 62 to the ceiling, but at the cost of underground

    edit: in case that wasn't clear: (numbers are pulled from memory, may be slightly off)

    normal map:

    128 ----- ceiling
    mountains and surface
    60 ------ sea level
    caves and such
    0 ------ bedrock

    new map:

    128 ---- ceiling
    lots of mountains/air islands
    5 ----- sea level
    shallow caves/valleys
    0 ---- bedrock
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    Oh ...
    the underground is important to, there are others on the server who want to build "normal" buildings

    ok maybe in futur there is a way to make the sky higher :)
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    Well people were asking notch to change it, especially some of the classic-mode mages. We'll see.
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    Only if they change the way world data is stored. As is the I/O load caused by world loading/unloading is pretty huge - enough to cripple servers that aren't configured to handle it.
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    maybe the server should be written in C++, i think the performance is much better then java

    But this not theme of the thread...

    I hope he find a good way to make maps higher
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    Thanks for keeping the minority of Linux and Mac users in mind ;)
    Also the problem is I/O code optimization ((lack thereof actually) on Mojang's side, not java as such.

    There is a way, but I never read anything about planning to do so.
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    They haven't even began optimizing the code. The I/O load from the world data is being worked on I think.
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    *gravedigging thread*
    any updates on this?
    i thought i've read it somewhere that it is now possible to set the hight, but where? or is a plugin needed?
    will the chunks be divided verticaly to be more performant?
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    Indeed, *bump*
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