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    Edward Hand

    Ah yes. I should pay closer attention.
    Could you post in your mod code? (obfuscated or de-obfuscated - I can read both just fine)
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    Edward Hand

    erm...they're not the right classes. They have nothing to do with skins. Are you're certain you're using the correct version of minecraft/decompiler

    EDIT: qk is the Block class, im is a BlockDoor class and I think om is the root Entity class (just looking at the obfuscated code here)
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    This is very strange.
    Yup. Minecraft 1.3_01 and MCP 2.9a (last one)

    Ok, could you please make obfuscated class file with for me? I'll check, if this will work. So I'll know, that this is decompile/recompile/obfuscate problem only.

    EDIT: Oh, I've got you. Will try to recompile EntityOtherPlayerMP, not just Entity
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    Edward Hand

    let us know how you get on
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    This is new (when i press "connect" button):

    Maybe the length of the skins folder url must be the same, as the default?
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    Edward Hand

    Did you remember to delete your META_INF folder in the minecraft.jar?
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    Oops. Deleted META_INF. Thanx.
    I've entered, client wrote "downloading terrain", but still I have default skin :(
    Player name MJRamon, and there are MJRamon.png and mjramon.png on the website.

    Now I don't even know, what is the problem...
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    Edward Hand

    That class you changed may only affect how you see other people. There's another class (not sure of the name) which also has an identical skin-fetcher thingimy that you will also need to change.
    There's also a class with cloaks stuff in it which might be fun to play about with.

    If you can search through files, search for:
    to find the classes that need changing
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    Oh, cool :)
    Self-look is and cloaks is

    I'll test it right now. Meanwhile, can you please describe how to use this cloak feature?

    UPDATE: All right! Self skin and other skin work perfect! Thank you so much for your help, hints and time!
    P.S. But still is interested in cloaks :rolleyes:
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    Edward Hand

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    Offtop: Are you Russian?
    Because of Russian players/developers Mojang loses a lot of money :D
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    That Didnt Even Make Sense xAnder
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    Could anyone of you Java handlers create a somewhat simple tutorial to do this?
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    doesnt... mobdisguise already do this?
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    Hey xAnder, I was thinking of modifying this code so that it would be able to load a server directory from a small config file. I'm not sure whats in the source yet but I was thinking that I could add a small static class that basically reads from an fileInputStream and parses the text. That way one can make a general version that could just be redistributed. Is that a viable way to do things and where the heck would I need to place this config file to get it to load up.
    The line in source would be something like this if there were an object called ReadFile with a static method parseText that returns a string:
    skinUrl = ReadFile.parseText("/<whateverpath>/skinconfig.txt");
    Of course I'd prefer to use any premade file reader class if minecraft has them (suprised if it doesnt) but that's just as an example.
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    If you are looking for a plugin that lets players choose what they look like (e.g. creepers, other player, etc) then Mob Disguise is good. However I do not know a way of forcing the players to take on these forms.
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    Using VariableTriggers you are able to do this:
    Selecting an area of which will run @CMDOP md p blue/red or whatever...

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