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    Hi community!
    I am developer of statistics for minecraft -
    I want to introduce you to small statistics for your server, I'm sure of this, probably not, at least I have not found.
    My Stats can:
    • Poll your server and record his stats every 10 minutes (total servers : over 39K)
    • Counting unique players on your server per day and draw a graph for visiting Month / Year
    • To consider top players on your server on the game time on the server
    • Making banners, Userbars statistics of your server
    • We have statistics API of your server that you can use on your site
    • Writing statistics for each player !!! (total player : over 10M )
    • We know which server and when a player has played and how many times a day he was online
    • Global Statistics
    • Plugins Statistics
    It's not all that can monitor. I want to hear your feedback, that would improve monitoring. Thank you for your attention, here are some quick links:
    Servers list:
    Players list:
    Global Statistic:
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    So I just looked up my own statistics and it's saying I've played on two servers that I've never even heard of. How do you get your data?
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    Monitoring polls the server via a standard protocol , maybe someone is playing under your nickname on pirate servers, it unfortunately can not be verified.
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    That is actually quite neat. Also looks better then most server list websites that shove servers in your face.
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    Thank you, we will do even better!
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