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    I was wondering if any of you could create a plugin that is exactly like the <Removed advertising - Necrodoom> plugin. Where you hover over the player count and a custom message will show! This would be a very interesting plugin for players who want to know more info about the server before they join, and you can also display info that you cannot fit on the motd.
    I hope someone can code this plugin!
    It would be very useful and awesome!

    EDIT For people who are still a bit confused. When you hover over the player count. E.g 100/200, When you hover over it, if you could make a plugin that displays a message.
    Thanks again,
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    Famous Guy

    Alot of us haven't been on this server so you have to explain more.
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    • Show an additional "moto" or short message in player list;
    Not sure if its 1.7 compatible, or if it updates the hover-player list on the Server Browser, but I'd request an update from the author if it doesn't work with the version your using
    I found this while searching for about 10 seconds. Should really search before requesting :p
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    haha, I searched for days! I seached Player Message, Player Count Message, PlayerHover, Message, HoverMessage and much more, for days! But thanks a ton, I hope it stays updated. Ill be sure to check it out

    Haha, the point of me putting the IP in their was for you to check for yourself xD
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    Well, the "HoverMessage" is really just a list of players that are online. Any plugin that creates fake players could most likely work, if it makes the server think that they are actually players and display on the tab list, and things such as Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers() and whatnot
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    I have found a plugin, called ServerListPlus, and it does exactly this, but Its for Bungee. I found one for bukkit, but they havnt updated it yet, it would be awesome if someone updated it :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Most plugins don't need updates
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