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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MinecraftShamrock, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi there.
    Is there a way how I could modify the displayed player count of the server using the serverlistping event?
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    What do you mean? The player count updates automatically.. Are you saying that you want to modify that number so it doesn't display the number of all the players in that server? Like an int variable you made that is updated on the server ping?
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    You can't do this with the bukkit api, you can only modify the max players and the motd. I'd assume this is to prevent abuse.

    I'm sure there's a way to do it with the gamecode though.
  4. I mean that i want to be able to modify the displayed player count as an int when listening on the ServerListPing event

    Where could I request that feature?

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    You don't.

    Modifying your players list is cheating, and just all around low...

    Also, you bug out services like Votifier web stuff
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    This is exactly why it's not in the API :p
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  7. Garris0n TheGreenGamerHD
    But why don't they simply add the mothod to the event class?!
    I mean the purpose of bukkit is to make mc servers endless extendable!
    So why don't add it?
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    Because one of Bukkit's other original purposes was to be approved of by Mojang and things like that effect that.

    Modifying the player count (if to increase it) is downright low and dirty, although you can do it with packets.

    Maybe you could tell us why you need to do it? :)
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  10. Hoolean
    I need to do that because I'm creating a mini-server that is only supposed to let people connect their minecraft account with their account on my website.
    This is not Game-Related at all so I don't want to show any player count because the players won't see other players at all.

    What do you mean by saying I can do it with packets?
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    By intercepting packets with a library such as ProtocolLib (google it) you can modify everything about them, including player count. :)
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