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    Plugin Category: I do not know!

    Plugin Name: Server Broadcast

    About this Plugin: In this plugin, you do /broadcast (Message) and then a message will pop up in the chat with the broadcast message but it says things such as

    EXAMPLE - and playername is the player name
    (playername) says to all servers: Message

    But there are more lines in the message, so it can be like

    EXAMPLE - and playername is the player name
    (playername) says to all servers: Message

    It can be like 1-8 lines or so, and you can edit the message with color codes and you
    can edit the message where it says (playername) says to all servers: Message and all the
    other lines in the message

    Commands: /broadcast (message)

    Permissions: player.broadcast - permission to broadcast a message

    When would I like this by: Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

    thankyou bukkit community
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    No sorry, I asked for specific things, and I do not think they come with those plugins. Plus, the links won't load up for me. 87pen
  4. TheCoolPlugins By all servers I am guessing you have bungeecord. If so then please request this to be moved to the more appropriate section.
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    No! I'm not relating to Bungeecord!
  6. TheCoolPlugins Ok, so you want a prefix and suffix line and a line with the server name on, with the last one having the message?
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    Yes. There to be the message and I can add more lines to the message and such if you can make this for me that would be very appreciated bwfcwalshy
  8. TheCoolPlugins I might just because I am bored. I will start work, should be done soon.
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    Yes! Thankyou so very much and God bless you! :) please PM me when it is complete Thankyou so much!!!
  10. TheCoolPlugins No all conversation must be on the thread and the plugin public.
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  12. Done. DOWNLOAD

    - '&8&l-----------------'
    - '&a&l%playername% says'
    - '&b&l%message%'
    - '&8&l-----------------'
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    Thankyou very much.

    I found a bug. When you type in a message that's too long, the lines are going to duplicate
    like 15 times as well with the message so the whole message is very big and its screwed up. Please fix this
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    Yup, can you fix it please?
  16. TheCoolPlugins I am not sure what is causing it.. I will look into it.
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    Ok. Have you looked into it? If you can't find out the problem, you may need to start the plugin again.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Giving him time is also appreciated.
  19. TheCoolPlugins I can't seem to reproduce your error. It works fine for me, can you please tell me exactly what you type to get that and send your config in or use the code tags.
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    bwfcwalshy If I type a sentence more than 5 or 6 characters I guess.
  21. TheCoolPlugins That doesn't happen to me, any errors at in console? Using Spigot?
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    I am using Spigot, I don't think there are any errors in the console, though.
  23. Move thread. TheCoolPlugins Now I have a clearer undertanding why it isn't working. I will attempt to fix and get it to you tonight.
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    Alright, thankyou. :)

    Have you found out whats going on? It still occurs on my server. Lol.

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  25. TheCoolPlugins No idea what so ever. Try on a local Bukkit server, then slowly add in your plugins.
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    I do not want to add plugins again and again on my server, sorry. Let me try something..
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