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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Gyldenglad, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Recently, well, for quite a while now I've been having completely random crashes, such "timeouts" that just occur at random points. It doesn't give me a specific error, it just looks like this:
    (format is a little weird) - What basically happens, is that it just starts doing these "Read timed out" things.

    It would make sense if the server was "overloaded", but I doubt it is. When I check available memory it doesn't seem to be stressed, and it can happen completely random at 4 am in the night when 5 people are online and run fine next day with 40 online. It doesn't happen after a "specific" time either, it just happens like every 5 hours and it's starting to get really annoying.
    I heard of a program called "VisualVM", and I tried it, but I don't really understand how to use it that well. I have found a guide, with link:
    But it doesn't really tell me what to look for when trying to find the reason for the crashes, like if there is a plugin overloading the server. I tried navigating around the program. I made a heapdump and checked under the "Instances [%]" where the guide lets go, but nothing seems to be taking power too much. Then I went to the Sampler tab, and I saw really high numbers on the CPU/Memory tab, but without knowing if these numbers actually mean anything I might aswell go draw an elephant in paint, so here you go:
    As it turns out, I'm not very good at that either.

    Can anyone please help me to use this fine tool, VisualVM, to find out where I might look to find what is causing my server these issues?
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    It can be difficult to find the answer, but ultimately you have a plugin that has caused your problem.

    Often the only way to really track it down is to eliminate plugins one by one until you no longer see the problem.
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    The problem is, this issue might happen only once every 24 hours, but it's still really annoying to suddenly notice the server is no longer running. It is completely random.
    If you had to guess, from the list of these plugins I have below, do you have any suggestion to where the issue might be? - To me it wouldn't make sense if it was something small like an announcer causing the issues, but it might be. Maybe you have a more qualified guess than me, I could easily use a week trying to figure out where the issue would be, so any suggestions are very welcome.

    These are the plugins I have:

    GroupManager (essentials)
    Jail << My bet, that this could cause issues, will be the first one I try to remove.
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    Have you ensured all are running their latest versions?
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    Have you tried removing Jail yet? (As you said you'd try that)
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    I will update all my plugins to latest where it's possible. I removed Jail for now and will see what happens. If nothing changes I guess I will just have to run through all the plugins and then return at a later point.
    At least it's "kinda" reassuring that it is possible a plugin and not something wrong with my PC or router because that is hell of a lot more pain and would require more than one elephant.
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    Today I got this error:

    Can anyone help me figure out where the issue is for this particular crash?
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    Minor bump :)
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    Still getting read timed outs with no error.


    No suggestions on how to isolate the error better than removing one plugin at a time, a lot of these plugins are core for my server to run.
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    Having the exact same problems. Of the plugins you listed, I also run the following:

    ChestShop (3.46)
    Jail (2.1.4)
    LogBlock (1.60)
    MCBans (3.8)
    Multiverse-Core, NetherPortals, Portals (each 2.4)
    Multiverse-Inventories (b207)
    NoCheatPlus (3.7.4-RC)
    WorldBorder (1.5.4)
    WorldEdit (5.4.2)
    WorldGuard (5.5.4)

    Problem is exactly as you described, at seemingly random times, there will be periods of intense latency eventually causing everyone connected to time out, no errors generated.

    I would probably start with plugins that have not been updated in a while (ChestShop, Jail) and move outward from there. Run the server with just those plugins (backup taken first, of course) and see what, if anything, happens. I'm taking a vacation starting tomorrow so if I get internet time, I plan to do this even if it causes my players to have to stay offline for a while.
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    Of the plugins you listed, I run the following:

    Essentials, bukkit, Multiverse-Core, Portals, Inventories, Worldedit, World Guard, Chestshop

    Having the same issue
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