[Server thread/INFO]: NATURAL console spam

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by seriosbrad, Dec 14, 2013.

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    I've been getting this "[Server thread/INFO]: NATURAL" message literally every second, as you can imagine it can make reading logs and console very difficult.

    It seems to happen when I have Vault and a plugin using Vault (an economy plugin). All plugins are up to date and otherwise functional, no other errors.
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    List plugins please.
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    AutoMessage        : 2.4.0
    WorldEdit          : 5.5.9-SNAPSHOT:2952-b3f2c10,master
    CoreProtect        : 2.0.8
    TagAPI            : 2.7.1
    Buycraft          : 6.4
    RecipeLookup      : 1.1.3
    PermissionsEx      : 1.20.1
    ConsoleSay        : 1.03
    Gringotts          : 2.0-beta5
    WorldGuard        : 5.8.1-SNAPSHOT:1264-ffda88f,master
    FoundDiamonds      : 3.6.3
    SimpleWarnings    : 0.9.3
    MCDocs            : 14.4
    Essentials        : 2.12.1
    EssentialsSpawn    : 2.12.1
    Vault              : 1.2.27-b349
    EssentialsChat    : 2.12.1
    MyHome            : 2.3.1
    EssentialsAntiBuild: 2.12.1
    MoneyDrop          : 2.1.1
    Shop              : 1.4.6
    ReportRTS          : 1.0.0-b110
    VanishNoPacket    : 3.18.1
    EasyPromoter      : 1.2
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    I am getting this also, the things we have in common are....
    Essentials spawn
    Essentials chat
    Essentials Antibuild
    Money Drop
    and Vanish. So that narrows it down. Im going to play with these ones we have in common and see what i can come up with.

    Okay so heres what i found out. Its money drop. What seemd to be triggering it on my server is one of my players had 8 spawners. Everytime he went near these spawners it spammed the console. So i disabled the plugin and it seems to be working fine with no spam. Im going to make a ticket for moneydrop
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    Hey, thanks for helping out!

    I was on the hunt today for another drop plugin as MoneyDrop doesn't support the new mobs. I ended up switching to mobmoney and only just now realized that my console is spam free. mobmoney even has a cool option to choose a sound on pickup, otherwise has the same configuration as MoneyDrop.
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