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  1. would be really nice to have a plugin that checks players texture pack and tells the players that they have a wrong texture pack and give a download link, or if its possible to make a command to somehow download and install the pack for ppl, that would be even more awesome.

    ofc ppl could rename their own texture pack equal to the servers and get in, but it would make it easyer for ppl to know what server texture it uses so mjority is using the same
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    i dont want a server admin to dictate my preference in textures...
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    I actually think this is a good idea. Make it check filesize too to eliminate the renaming.
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    i agree like if you have a dungeon server you maybe want a other texture pack than others have (for your dungeon desire)
  5. it dosent have to force you to use it, maybe only guide you how to get it. (on my server it would force you though) :p

    the good thing about this is ppl cant make everything like glass and see every thing when they mine and gets diamonds allmost instantly.

    the reason i dont use texure packs atm is when i build something and looks great on my screen, but then it looks awfull on others it kinda ruin it for me. cant really prove i made something nice since they dont have same textures.
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    This is a clientsided thing more than it is serversided.
  7. Is there no way the server can check joining players client? or is it only ip+username it sends?
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    Currently there is no way to do this without a client side plugin.

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