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    HEY GUYS! I really need help to bring the server back to life!!! please help!
    The error log is too big to code it, or even put it in the post, so the .txt is attached in the post! :)

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    unacceptable character #0 special characters are not allowed in "<reader>", position 0
    You've probably made a mistake as the first character in one of your configurations. It seems to be your permissions config.
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    Thing is, i have about 10-15 plugins and there is so much configs and its really hard! :(
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    Gotta start somewhere if you wanna fix it, and he's telling you where to start. :)

    Looks like a bunch of your plugins are either updated beyond the version of CraftBukkit you have (CB 1185), or the plugins are too old for the version of CraftBukkit that you have.

    Honestly, your server is in need of a makeover. You're still on Permissions 3.x, which is getting older and less supported by the second. So rather than fixing your current permissions config, I'd just grab a new Permissions plugin and start migrating your config to that, then update your other plugins, as well as CraftBukkit (CB 1337, as of this post.)
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    Ok, thanks man! :D Im gonna start with a fresh new bukkit start!
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