[SERVER SOON, IDEA GOTTEN!] Suggestions on what type? ('Solved' i guess)

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What should I make?

  1. Survival

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  2. Skyblock

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  3. Classic Prison

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  4. Factions

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  5. Other (post them please, dont just vote for this and say nothing)

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    Okay. So I already have drafted tons (and i mean TONS) of ideas for each of the server types listed below.. but thats the thing, I dont know what one to make.

    I posted a thread to this similarly on the Minecraft Forums, but I realized Bukkit is probably a better place, since NO ONE ANSWERED.:'( (one person did, said 'other' but didnt say anything in the replies)

    So, uh, here they are!

    (add the prefix of 'Custom' to all of them)

    Survival'RPG' With its own unique twist, like questing and stuff like that

    Skyblock I was thinking a very 'space-y' theme on this one, but im not sure.

    Classic Prison Think TitanMC, if anyone remembers that, but quests, NOT pay to win, and NOT generic.

    OP Prison Dunno.

    Factions Definitely a no unless like 80% of people want it, will have a unique twist similarly to survival, but really, factions is overused.

    Other If you have any other ideas, post them please!

    If you have suggestions, feel free to leave them. :)
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    timtower Ninja on the waves Moderator

  3. @Galactic_Games
    Based on what you wrote for each option, is seems clear that these are ideas you just came up with that someone else may like, not you. The problem, of courses, is that you don't know if this Other would ever join your server, so you could be spending time to create something that neither you nor the Other are going to enjoy.

    Create a server you want to play on. Create something that you would enjoy, even if only a couple players join. Once you do that, then you can work on adding other gamemodes/minigames for players that are already on your server.
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    Okay, thank you both! I personally love Skyblock, so ill do that.
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    I think you have to choose the prison
    its hard to develop but i love this game so much

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